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TA problems in class

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bethelsie · 04/02/2008 18:06

Hi just wanted your opinions on how you as a parent would deal with situation. Friends little boy has SEN he has a full time TA. Today was the final straw for my friend. The other TA in the classroom shouted at him for not doing his work correctly, he was in tears and felt really humiliated. Also TA has own child in the class, which I believe is a conflict of interest and should not happen if possible within a school. There have been numerous issues around this sitution. One would you be happy if your child was shouted at for doing the work incorrectly and 2, would you be happy that a full time TA had their own child within the class. Ive told friend to go in to school and speak to the teacher, but how do you go in and complain about TA and child situation, without sounding vindictive. thankyou.

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Whizzz · 04/02/2008 18:11

As a TA, I'd be happier if the parent had a word with the class teacher rather than going in with the focus being on complaining. If the parent isn't happy with the way the TA is supporting her child, then she needs to say something & maybe ask the teachers opinion. I would maybe offer ideas of things that work with the child at home & go in with a positive attitude then you won't sound vindictive.
It is surely down to the school & its policies to determine whether a member of staff (teacher or TA) can work effectively in the same class as their child.

bethelsie · 04/02/2008 18:17

Sorry should be clear its not his 1-1 TA, she was helping someone else at that time (another issue) it was the class TA that did the shouting.( there are 2 TA in class

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enfys2hardd · 04/02/2008 18:19


As your friend's child has gone through the whole statementing process and all that buisness and finally been allocated a 1-2-1 then surely the help which her child recieves should not be detrimental to his education ?

If it was my child then i would go into the school to speak to the teacher. Your friend does not have to mention the fact about the TA having a child in the class - as this is a separate issue which does not really apply to your friend's problem.

She needs to say that :
her son was upset& humiliated because of the way he was spoken to.As a teacher she is responsible for the wellbeing of all the children in her class- even if they have 1-2-1 care.
If your friend has no joy with this, then she should put her views in writing and speak to the head teacher. Anything given in writing to a school has to be acted upon.

(p.s- i'm a trainee teacher , so feel quite strongly about this sort of thing happening in the classroom )

Hope this helps

enfys2hardd · 04/02/2008 18:20

still applies even if it's not his own T.A. No help in the class should be negative for any child !

Whizzz · 04/02/2008 18:24

Oh I see, can she talk to teacher & maybe find out more info about what caused the shouting? It's not really acceptable to shout at a child - certainly not just for doing incorrect work!
The teacher may be able to advise on how they manage the class- It's not really much good if the 1-1 is having to help other pupils? Again, I'd go in trying to be postive & helpful

bethelsie · 04/02/2008 18:25

Sorry should really say that im also a teacher (secondary) just really need to know how parents would feel, and in all the schools i have worked in a TA or teacher would never teach their own child, i know this is not practical in small schools. I cant really go into too much about TA/child situation, but believe me it is very unprofessional form the school and how the TA behaves.

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