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When should I start worrying about dd's pronunciation?

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lucy5 · 22/01/2008 21:20

Dd is just 7 and in year 2. Last year ,her teacher [lovely] asked if we had thought about speech therapy. Dd has problems with K/T on the end of words and C/G usually at the beginnings of words. I am not overly worried as it doesn't really impede her speech and I assume that she will grow out of it. Her teacher used to give her a little bit of discrete help when she could.

This years teacher [horrible] has not mentioned it to me but has started to write snotty notes in her reading book. Dd is now very aware that she has a problem with these sounds and has started to question herself mid sentence or thinks I can't understand what she is saying. even though I can.

I feel the teacher has turned this into a big problem and worry that dd is being jumped on every time she opens her mouth. Dd is wary of this teacher at the best of times.

Sorry this has turned into a rant!

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lucy5 · 22/01/2008 21:38

bumpity bump

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PeachesMcLean · 22/01/2008 21:43

What a nasty teacher!!! I'd have a word with her and insist that she stops upsetting your DD.

My DS has mild speech issues, usually just forgets about consonants cos he's going so fast, and speech therapist wasn't too worried cos he can do it in her clinic, when he puts his mind to it. I'm hoping he just grows out of it too.

lucy5 · 22/01/2008 21:45

Thanks, sounds like my dd she can do it if she concentrates.

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lucy5 · 22/01/2008 21:58

Just bumping for more experiences. Thanks.

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lucy5 · 23/01/2008 21:54

Had another note in dd's reading book today. Has dd had a hearing test done, it might help her speech. For goodness sake she only has trouble with k/t, she is hardly unintelligible. I'm going to go and see this woman!

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lucy5 · 23/01/2008 22:17

bumping again, please give me an idea if I am being overprotective or is dd's teacher not making a mountain out of a mole hill?

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Lmccrean · 23/01/2008 22:35

Have you let her know you are aware that your dd has some difficulties with those sounds? maybe shes trying to be helpful but coming out the wrong way? or shes making a mountain out of a not one to take sides

Get in touch with speech therapist - dd was referred through health visitor a few months ago, as she has a problem with a few letters/sounds. Group speech therapy starts in a few weeks.

hotcrossbunny · 23/01/2008 22:36

Our dd used to say 'tar' instead of 'car' and 'y' instead of 'l'. The teacher did mention it, mainly because her best friend is 'Laila' and it came out as 'Yaiya' lol.

We have been practising at home, just silly tongue twisters 'lucy likes licking lollipops' etc and dd is much better.

Maybe a referral to speech therapy would let you know if there is a true problem or if its just speech immaturity which will sort itself out? Also, could you be so used to your dd's speech that it sounds perfectly clear to you, but not to others who don't know her well?

lucy5 · 24/01/2008 20:22

Thanks, I think dd's speech is pretty clear, we haven't encountered problems with people not understanding her. I assume that last years teacher would have mentioned it in handover notes to this years teacher.

I must admit that I am quick to think the worst of this years teacher because I don't like her teaching style [I don't let dd know this.]

I am going to go in and see her and see how much of a problem she thinks it is.

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Bink · 24/01/2008 20:30

Though she sounds like she's being overbearing, it mightn't be a bad idea to find someone who can give you exercises.

My ds (will be 9 in April) has trouble with certain speech sounds - especially the "dark l" - the "l" sound in "elm" or "help" - eg, and it is absolutely without doubt a physical tongue movement difficulty. I let it go for ages, thinking he'd get over it himself, but no - he really does need detailed bit by bit instruction on how to practice the moves. We are working on it now but it would have been nice to have started a couple of years ago.

lucy5 · 24/01/2008 20:32

Thanks bink, will start googling.

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