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DD overtalkative and easily distracted in school

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Lmccrean · 19/01/2008 15:11

And never shuts up at home either...(my fault for talking to her constantly as a baby, apparently)

Teacher has made quite a few comments, "less talk, more work", "bright girl, needs more focus" etc and some of her work says she had individual supervision. Ive tried getting her to do stuff like she does in school (copy a sentance then draw a pic), at home on her own and she does it no problem (v little talking) but obv there are more distractions in school.

Any ideas how I can help her? (Shes just turned 5 and in P1 btw) Will be in and out to read comments - about to start her homework.

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Lmccrean · 19/01/2008 15:46


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hercules1 · 19/01/2008 15:48

She's only just turned 5. Not surprised she's the way she is. Sounds like a lovely healthy 5 year old to me.

spudmasher · 19/01/2008 15:49

Seems very young to be discouraging a child from talking!
Obviously there are times when she should be quiet and focussed but talking is learning and at this age I would think that talking is to be encouraged. A child can only ever write as well as they talk iyswim so talking is vital for writing.She will think that talking is naughty.
What work is she having to do in silence at this age??

Saturn74 · 19/01/2008 15:51

She is 5.
She is supposed to be chatty.
My DSs didn't have homework at this age at all.

juuule · 19/01/2008 15:56

Agree with the other posters.

Lmccrean · 19/01/2008 16:10

in school she does workbooks, like for xmas she did the story of Jesus - the teacher had written the story out in about 8 sentances. DD had to copy the sentance down and then draw a picture and colour it in. Another workbook is matching odd one out/drawing 5 buttons on the snowman - early maths stuff.

We have been doing this stuff at home for at least a year, making an "About Me" scrapbook kinda thing, and she happily spends 30-45 mins on it on her own without extra encouragement. Plus her writing is much much better at home than on schoolwork.

Her homework is those oxford reading tree books with no words and she has to tell the story. Also just going over any new sounds and words she learnt (jolly phonics) she loves those

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Lmccrean · 19/01/2008 16:12

oh, forgot to say, thanks for the reassurance

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Eliza2 · 19/01/2008 16:14

She's still only little now and will get used to the idea that there are some places where quietness is appropriate. I bet she's just delightful.

rezmum · 23/01/2008 11:28


Sounds exactly like my dd, I was grabbed by teacher on Monday and told she was talking to much and looking round the classroom before getting on with her work. I had chat with dd and she said " Mummy if I do my work straight away, I have to wait ages for someone else to finish." anyway I've explained to her in great detail to quiet once she goes into class and chatter away at playtime or when the teacher says;also mentioned to teacher that she's coasting. this morning was told she was a model pupil yesterday, first to finish and get some special work to do.

ronshar · 23/01/2008 11:35

My DD1 is now in year 3. She has been told continuously that she talks too much and is easily distracted. For 3 1/2 years.
My DD has also told me that she finds the work easy and if she starts straight away she gets bored waiting!!
She was in the top 10 of her year group for her SATS last year. Each class has 32 average number!
I wouldnt worry too much about the talking as she is still very young. They do seem to learn very quickly when they can talk or not in class.
I would rather a child who can articulate how they feel and have a good grasp of the English languauge than a mute child who the teacher thinks is the bees knees!!!!!

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