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how do you organise a playdate? send a note???

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emandjules · 17/01/2008 10:06

My dd has just started school last sept and has a fave friend, and has asked if he can come to play in hols. I am shy and no way would i ask his grandparents who pick him up. Thought of writing a note for mum saying dd wants their ds to come and play during hols. Thought this would be a good idea as dd is very overbearing (due to condition she has) and ds may not even like her. To me, a letter would not put them on spot and put ball in their court.


OP posts:
charliemama · 17/01/2008 10:15

Sounds reasonable to me.

If you are worried how they will interact could you meet somewhere like a park or softplay centre? This might enable them to have space if they need it.

admylin · 17/01/2008 10:19

I've sent a note before with my phone number and asking the child to a play date and also saying that the parent/grandparent would be quite welcome too. I find at that age, if you don't know the family who is inviting it can be hard to just send your child around to play and also abit funny to ask if you can stay the first time too IYSWIM.

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