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Teaching Left handers to write

2 replies

fridayschild · 16/01/2008 08:19

DS2 is left handed, and starting to want to "draw letters". Any ideas where I could find some guidance on helping him with letter formation?

I am a leftie too, but my handwriting is produced in a very odd manner, so I'm told

OP posts:
mrspnut · 16/01/2008 08:22

Have you tried the left handed society. I'm not sure of the URL but Google will find it.

I'm left handed but I write with my hand in the normal position and just move the paper 45 degrees.

Seasider · 16/01/2008 15:10

Ask your child's teacher. They should have lots of advice DS1 is a southpaw and has had extra help galore. Turning the paper is a good hint as Mrs PNUT says and having a writing implement, i.e. pencil! that doesn't smudge is great too.

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