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Printable handwritng patterns

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lexcat · 15/01/2008 17:07

DD is learning join-up writing and want's to practice some handwriting pattems at home. She can do the m's and c's joined but want some patterns to copy. She needs things to help her flow with her pencil but does not like writing but loves writing patterns

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gladbag · 15/01/2008 17:44

These worksheets are free to download and print, but are mainly actual letter shape practise, which you probably don't want (there are more on the site, if you look).

These are simple patterns that help control...

I know I've seen some more complex pattern sheets somewhere - will have a think.....

bundle · 15/01/2008 17:45

dd uses a font called boring boring which the teachers recommended to us

lexcat · 15/01/2008 18:22

thanks gladbag the second link is very near to what I'm lookimg for.

OP posts:
lexcat · 19/01/2008 10:01

anymore ideas or links grateful

OP posts:
LIZS · 19/01/2008 10:09


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