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hooray - a lollipop man...

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MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 16:34 last we have a lollipop man for the very busy,scary road on the way to school, which means that 10 yr old ds can at last walk on his own ( ok, me following at a discreet distance this week)- so important because next September he'll be walking on his own to secondary school and I was fretting about how to get him more independent...I shall be buying a box of Roses for him at the end of term (lollipop man, not ds !)

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wheresthehamster · 08/01/2008 16:39

Yes, please show your appreciation of the lollipop man/woman. They put up with a lot. Ours left in the summer as the verbal abuse from motorists actually made him ill.

southeastastra · 08/01/2008 16:41

wow how rare, haven't seen one of those since we left london. you have to cherish him!

Twinkie1 · 08/01/2008 16:42

We have one in our village - he is an MBE, the Town Crier, Window Cleaner and Chimney Sweep - all the kids love him especially DS - he knows all of their names and even the big teenagers still stop and have a natter - we got him little gifts at the end of term and Christmas too and invite him in for coffee - mind once he comes in is hard to get rid of him but he is GREAT!

Three Cheers for the Lollipop Men and Women of Great Britain!

MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 16:49

I'm so thrilled - we used to have a lollipop lady when we lived in West London - she was fab - she always gave the children little sweeties at the end of term and got lots of appreciation and little gifts herself. She was often abused and nearly run over by impatient,horrible drivers though

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