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Ideas on games to help DD's reading skills.

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McDreamy · 04/01/2008 19:13

DD is in FS2. She is learning to read using a combination of the ORT and Jolly Phonics.

We have the ORT read at home books and the Red Nose Readers I have bought sponge letters to use in the bath and make up three letter cvc words.

We play the usual "i spy" games but she's easily bored and I want to come up with fresh ideas.

What have games have you used? Or any other books you could recommend for home reading.

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Hallgerda · 04/01/2008 19:17

Police notebook in which you write messages for her to read, such as

I did it. I am a bat.

(Obviously you can change the theme of the notebook according to your daughter's current ambition).

McDreamy · 04/01/2008 19:27

Good idea! I like that one.

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maverick · 05/01/2008 15:31

Have a look at this page of games:

P.S. the ORT 'Read at home' books are whole-language and are completely incompatible with Jolly Phonics or any other synthetic phonic programme. I suggest you go to W H Smiths or the library and get some decodable books such as Songbirds or Read Write Inc.Phonics.

moondog · 05/01/2008 15:32

Get her to read to you and with you every night.Simple as that.

LIZS · 05/01/2008 15:35

With ds I made up cards of the keywords and we played Bingo and Snap

samanthar · 05/01/2008 15:42

we cut out the key words for reception and keep them in an envelope and get them out maybe once a fortnight for a couple of goes. just about to do the same for ddtwin with the year 1 list

ddtwin can do all 45 but still likes making piles of them before she putsthem back in

or you could have two envelopes and have a naughty envelope for the trciky ones she cant do first go

dstwin knows about 25 sort of guesses about 10 and simply has no idea about the other 10 he cant cope with ORT though she sailed through it and he likes the hellish repetiton of the GINN LEVEL 1 books, but unlike dd is not fussed about learning. how old is FS 2 if she is still only 5 shes probably fine

julesrose · 05/01/2008 16:13

I have written the 45 words out on bits of paper, folded them up and put them in a jar. At supper time we play reception word game - she picks them out and gets to build up a pile when she gets them right. She likes it at the moment!

smartiejake · 05/01/2008 16:29

Cut out lots of little fish, write keywords (like the ones you find in their reading books) on them (but not too many) and attach paper clips. Use fishing game rods (with little magnets on) to catch the fish. Any fish he can read he keeps. Can also use them to catch a sentence.

samanthar · 05/01/2008 16:39

thanks smartie jake this would appeal to ds twin

eucalyptus · 05/01/2008 23:41

jelly and bean books are great for developing readers.

There are also some good ideas for fun games here

McDreamy · 06/01/2008 18:36

Thank you for your advice and suggestions.

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