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I am very happy with my sons' schools. Their teachers are fab and their LSAs' are better mums to them than I am.

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YuleLoveHekateAtSolstice · 15/12/2007 09:15

The work they do with them is great, they bend over backwards to accomodate my children's sn, they are all very proud of my kids acheivements and they adore them.

My sons' schools, teachers & LSAs are first class and I have no complaints about them.


To redress the balance.

Because I felt sorry for her that she feels her profession cops it and all we do is complain.

I thought a thread in praise of the good 'uns might cheer her up a bit.

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NappiesGaloriaInExcelsis · 15/12/2007 09:18

i dunno what an LSA is, but my dc's teachers are great too. big cheer for the good'uns.

OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 15/12/2007 09:19

I have no complaints about my DS's school either, and his teacher is fab! and beautiful too, and so full of enthusiasm, first thing on monday morning and last thing on friday afternoon! (she obviously doesn't have kids yet)

It more than makes up for the fact that it is a CofE school and the head is rather old fashioned and scary!

OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 15/12/2007 09:20

LSA - Learning Support Assistant

YuleLoveHekateAtSolstice · 15/12/2007 09:24

Yes. They work 1:1 with a child to ensure the child can access the curiculum.

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