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DD getting kicked and punched in the playground

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/12/2007 17:56

She's only 6 and small for her age - 2 girls in her class (but a good 10" taller) have apparantly been kicing and punching her "for weeks". She's only told me tonight. These are girls she used to be friends with and I was aware that this academic year they haven't been playing together - dd told me some time ago that they were saying mean things to her. I just thought it was normal young girls' squabbling and told her to play with other friends.

DD says she told her teacher "ages ago" and the teacher spoke to the other 2 girls and it did stop for a couple of days. She hasn't told the teacher since as she thought it hadn't done any good last time.

Who would I be better of speakng to on Monday - her teacher or the headmaster. The thing is I think her teacher is off sick and have no idea who is taking the class in the mean time. Other mums have said the teacher has broken her ankle and is off, but I have heard nothing official from school (their crap communication is a whole other rant). Would this be something that needs to go above a TA or supply teacher? Thanks.

OP posts:
perpetualworrier · 14/12/2007 19:12

I had this a few weeks ago with my 6 yo boy.

I spoke to the teacher in passing at the classroom door first, just to say DS had had some problems in the playground, but as she wasn't there, would she mind if I spoke to the head. I had first spoken to my parents who were both teachers and their advice was that teachers don't like it if you go straight over their heads to the the head.

As it happens on the day, the head wasn't in, so I spoke to the Home School Liaison officer - who I think is the attendance officer. She was brilliant - undertook to speak to teacher, children and dinner-ladies and come back to me at the end of the day with what she had found out.

The class teacher then had conversations with my DS and the children involved and it was agreed that the adults in the playground would watch this group more closely and that DS's teacher would check with him after each break-time that all was OK.

I was really worried that I would been seen to be a fussing mother, but the school didn't make me feel like that at all and DS has had no trouble since.

I would say talk to the head, but just clear it with the class teacher first. Good luck and I hope things improve for your DD soon.

bubbles4 · 14/12/2007 19:31

if her regular teacher is not there could you not have a word with the class TA and see what she suggests,I think I might be inclined to go straight to the head if it is a supply teacher,it needs to be sorted out as your dd does not deserve to be treated like this,I had a similar situation earlier in the term and it got sorted very quickly after I spoke to the deputy head and they are all best friends again now.

Ubergeekian · 14/12/2007 21:49

"I was really worried that I would been seen to be a fussing mother, but the school didn't make me feel like that at all..."

They've probably see the size of the awards people have been getting in court from schools which didn't deal with bullying...

ChipButty · 14/12/2007 21:51

Or perhaps they CARE, Ubergeekian!!!!!!!!!!

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 17/12/2007 09:18

Thanks for the advice. I spoke to the TA this morning and she says it will be sorted today.

OP posts:
flossie64 · 17/12/2007 09:32

Hi Stripey , sorry to hear that was happening . Keep on at them if they don't act properly ,to your satisfaction.
I know you DD is petite so is more easily targetted.
I can ask my DD if she has seen anything in the playground to back up whwats going on .
Where were the playground supervisors

newgirl · 17/12/2007 19:18

Yes keep on top of this - go and ask the TA how tomorrow about how it went and what she decided to do

if nothing changing see the head

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 18/12/2007 14:16

Things seem to have gone ok. DD says the girls involved have been spoken to and apologised and then they all played together nicely yesterday.

Flossie - I'd be interested to now if your dd has seen anything. I think they only have one playground supervisor at a time in the infants playground and DD says they have the option of playing "up the steps or down the steps" and has even spoken about playing in a den behind the portacabin classrooms. I'm guessing the playground supervisor can't see all of the playground. I've told her to play near the teacher for a bit. Thanks

OP posts:
flossie64 · 19/12/2007 00:36

Stripey- I spoke to dd and she says she didn't see anything ,but that she was playing with your dd today(tues) and they stayed near Mrs Wrens classroom away from the bigger ones . I also stressedto her that if she sees anything happening and the supervisors haven't seen ,she must tell them.HTH

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 20/12/2007 13:13

Thanks Flossie. I appreciate that.

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