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Has anyone else ever been to their DC's open evening at school.............

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TheIceQueen · 12/12/2007 13:51

and discovered that while you were always pretty sure that they were doing "ok" at school, they're actually doing brilliantly????

Happened to me last night went I went to the opening for DS1 (Y2). Wasn't a parents evening with appointments, more of a "come at look at their work" type.

First book - spellings - he's got 100% in every weekly spelling test since the start of the school year - and that's with either no practicing at home, or (if I remember) a quick "here's a piece of paper, I'll take your spelling book in the kitchen and call through the words and see how you get on" (usually the night before the spelling test, or even the morning of the test).

Handwriting, again really good, maths it's all "clicked" into place, and all his other subjects were really, really good too. His teacher showed me a piece of writing they had to do in school yesterday for their assessment to see how they're getting on. It was very good, he'd used his full stops, capital letters etc properly, spelling generally pretty good (playstation and phone" main words that were spelled wrong)) just needs to work on using different types of words to say things (it was a letter to Father Christmas and had "can" in every sentence).

His teacher was singing his praises and was quite surprised when I confessed that we don't practice his spellings , or at most once a week "test" the day before and has said he'll probably move him up a "group" next term as he's obviously finding them too easy.

Made me so proud of him, but also slightly that I didn't realise just how well he's doing.

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MaureenMLovesmincepies · 12/12/2007 13:59

Ah, how nice! Its easy to not realise quite how well they are doing, when the pressure of everyday life is going on. Clearly everything was ticking along nicely, so you had no reason to think otherwise. Lovely to hear nice things though!

TheIceQueen · 12/12/2007 17:19

I know - but I'm such a worrier - I have a friend who's a TA at the school (so inside information )- and she's always reassured me he's doing fine - yet I still worry as he can be a little "slow" to pick things up and tends not to listen properly so I've always assumed that happens at school too - but apparently not.

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