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How many pieces of uniform will I need to buy?

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twentypence · 03/12/2007 01:30

I am reticent to buy any actually as because of his skin and allergies he has always worn 100% cotton. I don't think that 35 hours a week in polyester is going to help his eczema any.

His school uniform is poly cotton mix polo shirt and polar fleece top, poly cotton cargo shorts or long pants, or track pants (which are cotton lined, but nylon outer). It can only be bought from one shop, and there is no 100% cotton alternative.

My mum bought him some black 100% cotton school pants (for something else)from asda for around 3 pounds and it breaks my heart to pay 3 times the price for poly cotton ones.

So do I buy him one of everything and not buy any more until I'm sure it will be okay? One shirt, one polar fleece and a pair of pants will be around $70 (20 quid).

OP posts:
sarah573 · 03/12/2007 07:49

Can you wash and dry overnight? If so just buy one set to start. It will be a pain washing it every night, but if can manage for a couple of weeks until you know he is ok with it, then buy some more.

Pixiefish · 03/12/2007 07:57

can you not buy cotton and get the school logo embroidered on?

Smithagain · 03/12/2007 18:44

With an excema issue, I would be very tempted to make enquiries about whether plain, 100% cotton clothing is acceptable. And ask existing parents of older children at the school, as well as the school itself, because you might get a different answer. Sometimes the written rules differ from what the school actually insists on in practice.

twentypence · 05/12/2007 05:38

The trouble is that he hasn't got a scrap of rash at the moment (except round his mouth - which wouldn't really count for this). But that's because we always dress him appropriately.

I'd really like them to get to know ds rather than him be the boy with the weird and demanding mother who thinks he is too good to wear the school uniform.

OP posts:
seeker · 05/12/2007 08:01

Is the polo shirt a standard colour? If it is, then just buy cotton ones. I don't think primary schools are allowed to make you buy clothes from only one shop any more. I'd talk to the Head about it.

twentypence · 06/12/2007 03:12

Polo shirt is bright red. Not the best colour to try to match!

Trousers are cargo style - so again not easy to get the same in cotton.

Schools in NZ can do what they like. I don't really understand how you can be zoned for a school (ie that's the only school you can go to) and then have a compulsary uniform from one shop - but that's just me.

OP posts:
Ubergeekian · 08/12/2007 19:13

I'd be tough about this. Explain that for medical reasons your son cannot possibly wear the uniform they have prescribed, and ask them what they propose to do about it.

In other words, make it clear that this is their problem, not yours.

If it was the UK I'd suggest mentioning the Disability Discrimination Act ... most public bodies are terrified of it ...

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