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charliecat · 26/11/2007 22:44

DD2 2 weeks ago got hit monday, tue, weds, thurs but not friday with a boy in her class with ADHD.(I was going to the head if it had happened on friday too) Shes got to year 2 without ever being on the sad side.
On Friday I picked her up from school and the teacher said DD2s a bit upset. She lied today, and ive told her off and shes been crying all afternoon.
Ok I said, what did she lie about...Basically the teacher said, a child hit Emily (Ben? I said) Yes...and DD2 said she had been hit as well, it transpired she hadnt, and she apologised said she knew it was wrong but still shes upset.

DD2 was in a right state. I said its ok babe, you wont do that again will you? Youve learnt your lesson(she was SOBBING)
Shakes her head... the weekend goes on...I chat to her and it turns out that Ben slapped Emily round the face twice...and didnt get put on the sad side for it.


I know DD2 was wrong for lying but FFS.


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gingernutlover · 27/11/2007 08:14

no this is not fair, go and see the teacher. i teach reception and would weant to know about this. It sounds like a teacher knew that the boy had hit somone, are they all in the same cl;ass? If they aren't then how do they know he ewasn't on the sad side?

gingernutlover · 27/11/2007 08:16

just re-read your post, does the teacher know about the hitting that went on earlier in the week?

charliecat · 27/11/2007 12:33

They are hardly uncommon names
Yes teacher knows all about the hitting it was her who said...
Sad side is on the board for ALL to see...

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