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What spellings do your yr 2's get?

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sarahtwobratz · 26/11/2007 21:53

DD1 has spellings every week, ranging from disappointment to aeroplane. She also gets an extra un-practised spelling, today it was circuit. Miraculously she gets them right every week, but I'm sure spellings weren't this hard when I was six.

OP posts:
Loshad · 26/11/2007 22:01

loads harder than our Y2 ones
this week we had stuff like hopeful, grateful, push, pull and a heap of oo words

lucy5 · 26/11/2007 22:05

Loads harder than my dd's too. Today she had such , much ,which, shelf .....

luciemule · 26/11/2007 22:07

I was just talking to my teacher friend who said they change the levels that the kids have to reach so often it's ridiculous.
I'm sure we didn't even get spelling tests until we were 9 and at middle school.

My DD is in the top group for spelling in the class(she's yr 1 but is mixed with yr 2)and she'll be 6 in january.

Her words have been things such as consonant, literacy, chaffinch, intelligent, alligator etc. They are supposed to get 6/7 words that have a common sound (ll/sh/ch) and then a few which are classed as the high frequency words, often which just have to learned as they're not always phonetically spelt.

My friend said that literacy and consonant are not high frequency words so I'm a little annoyed that my DD can't even spell calling but is expected to be able to spell the above! I'd love to know what sort of story a 5/6 yr old writes using consonant and literacy!

sarahtwobratz · 26/11/2007 22:09

She is just learning joined up writing, and her reading books come with a work sheet, so she spends about an hour every evening reading and writing. She doesn't have to do a book a night, but is suddenly so driven, I can't get her to bed until she finishes it. I am exhausted by the time she goes to bed, have tried to tell her she doesn't have to finish it but there is one boy in her class above her in reading and she's so determined to pass him. i want her to get a balance, but also don't want to stop her when she is so driven. Teacher just seems to be pushing her above every one else.

OP posts:
Twiglett · 26/11/2007 22:11

none at all

never have

seems to be learning by osmosis

luciemule · 26/11/2007 22:12

Could you suggest playing a board game or something with her every other night so she doesn't feel she has to do it all every night? An hour every night seems a lot from the school when she's only yr2.

Twiglett · 26/11/2007 22:12

she spends an hour on homework every night

I'm not sure how I'd feel about that .. unless she's doing it because she's having fun of course

she is, above all, 6 (or 7 at the oldest)

Whizzz · 26/11/2007 22:13

DS has groups of words with specific letter combinations eg. ou - should, could etc. 12 words each week

FluffyMummy123 · 26/11/2007 22:13

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 · 26/11/2007 22:13

Message withdrawn

Whizzz · 26/11/2007 22:15

LOL at iCod and spelling research

Twiglett · 26/11/2007 22:15

oh thank fark there's a philosophy behind it .. I was getting alpha-competitive syndrome for a second then

I shall now retire smug in the knowledge that literacy strategies at DS school are bang on the research

fireflyfairy2 · 26/11/2007 22:16

Holy shit... am at these words!!

My dd is in p2 & she will be 6 in Dec.

Her words tonight are: Red Bed Ted Fed Shed Home.

FluffyMummy123 · 26/11/2007 22:16

Message withdrawn

Mercy · 26/11/2007 22:16

This week dd had for example


and some easier ones like


12 each week.

sarahtwobratz · 26/11/2007 22:18

Yes, she does it for fun She also plays games, like scrabble (in spanish). If she doesn't get maths homework during the week, i have to write her a list of sums. Last night she sat down and wrote her 2 times table up to 100, for fun[hmmm]

OP posts:
Twiglett · 26/11/2007 22:23

DS plays boggle with me on facebook .. he's bloody good actually

fireflyfairy2 · 26/11/2007 22:29

dd plays scrabble too It's good fun

Sarah I would have a problem with doing an hours homework every night. I would be knackered, never mind dd!

She always gets a book to read 'for fun' as well as her reading book & some evenings I beg her not to read the 'for fun' book as it's not fun for me when I'm knackered & have just spent 30mins doing her work book, her news book, spellings & reading

Hennipenniinapeartree · 26/11/2007 22:40

DD struggles with her spellings but quite frankly she couldn't give a toss. Her spellings for this week are: some, two, want,prayed,showed an played. Like cods ds's school they are going to stop spelling tests after christmas. Much to DD glee!

Hennipenniinapeartree · 26/11/2007 22:41

spellings and tests

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