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Shall I ask Yr 3 teacher to mark DSs homework?

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lulumama · 18/11/2007 13:44

DS gets weekly homework, last week's work was given in on time, but has come back unmarked. It was a piece of homework that DS tried really hard with, and did almost independently. I wrote a long comment to say how hard he had tried and that he had worked very well. There was no acknowledgement of the work, not a tick or anything. Shall i write with this week's homework that i would like the teacher to look at it, as DS worked so hard on it?

DS is dyslexic, and having lots of extra help, and i have already spoken to the teacher about DS sometimes lacking motivation and being very unsure of himself.


OP posts:
SueW · 18/11/2007 13:45

I'd prob ask what the policy was on homework - is it set & marked or just set to be done as an exercise with parents.

Blandmum · 18/11/2007 13:47

Wait and see what s/he later does with it.

It may get marked this week. She might be using it to get them to mark their own work, or peer mark.

She might have had a series of home catastrophies and it will get marked this week. It might just have been a slip up.

If it becomes a regular 'thing' then have a word. A single occasion looks a little like an over reaction IMHO

lulumama · 18/11/2007 13:49

thanks very much

it is the first time it has come home unmarked.

DS was disappointed as he had tried very hard. Will leave it for now and see what happens this week.

policy on homework is set & marked, and is to be signed and dated by a parent with comments if neccesary on how the child found the work

OP posts:
scienceteacher · 18/11/2007 14:00

I think primary teachers are moving away from ticking children's homework. They do a lot more peer review on how a piece of work can be improved. It is all wrapped up in a newish initiative called Assessment for Learning (AfL).

lulumama · 18/11/2007 14:02

ok, i would have thought though, they would let the parents know

usually it is a lot more than a tick, he gives a comment, and a 'well done' or 'good work' stamp or smiley face so to go from that to nothing this week, was a surprise. am sure , as MB has said , it was just an oversight

OP posts:
SueW · 18/11/2007 21:59

Maybe it's been a busy week.

Was talking to DD's teacher on Friday about weekend homework. I hate to think of teachers stuck at home Monday evening with a pile of marking. I'm not sure which is worse - x number exercises of 'A-day', English, or verbal/non-verbal reasoning. All sounds pretty horrific to me for both pupil and teacher.

Seems like a lose-lose situation to me. Still have registered my feelings at each and every parents' evening and to the inspectors but it seems I am a lone voice.

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