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Parent Governor question - can I nominate or second my husband's application?

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Smithy · 14/11/2007 13:36

DH is considering a role as a parent governor at school. He needs to be nominated and seconded by a parent of a child at school. I wondered whether it would be acceptable for me to propose or second his application, or is this a no-no? Can anyone advise?

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 14/11/2007 13:39

Message withdrawn

Smithy · 14/11/2007 13:44

Just says parent of a child attending school.

OP posts:
RosaTransylvania · 14/11/2007 13:48

I don't think it anywhere specifically says that you can't nominate your spouse, but it might look better if you ask someone else to do it.

Smithy · 14/11/2007 13:50

OK, that's what I figured.

OP posts:
LadyMuck · 14/11/2007 13:53

I think that you can do it, but it looks as if he doesn't know anybody else who would (and so I'd be unlikely to vote for him?).

3madboys · 14/11/2007 13:55

yes you can, i have just been made a school governor, my dp nominated me and then two other parents 'seconded' me

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