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Has anyone used Teaching Tables to help their kids learn the times tables?

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Enid · 07/11/2007 10:54

teaching tables.cmo

looks quite good

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Enid · 07/11/2007 14:19


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haggisaggis · 07/11/2007 14:25

Never used it - but might try it with ds since he STILL doesn't know his 3 and 4 X.

RustyBear · 07/11/2007 14:49

Wese this at the junior school i work at & it is very good - kids love it. There are alsoseveral multiplication games if you click on the Primary games link right at the bottom - I particularly recommend Multiple wipeout on Primary Games 3.

RustyBear · 07/11/2007 14:50

OK, try again
We use this at.....I work at

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