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Holy Smokes, Parents Evening tonight, and today my son FELL ASLEEP DURING ALL SOULS MASS at his Catholic primary

6 replies

StarryStarryNight · 01/11/2007 17:02

What do you reckon his teacher will say?
That I need to bring him to Mass more often?

Oh Blush oh Blushety- BLUSH!!!!

OP posts:
watters · 01/11/2007 17:35

Lol starry, thats a classic! You cant really blame him though can you. Tell the teachers that ds was in such a religious state that he went into a trance!!

FlameFromBonfire · 01/11/2007 17:56


bossybritches · 01/11/2007 19:06

Typical catholic sermon then?

Excellent, up to the usual standard!

StarryStarryNight · 01/11/2007 19:18

Luckily his teacher was not too fussed. Lol. He is doing well, so I am pleased.

OP posts:
harrisey · 01/11/2007 19:30
fedupwasherwoman · 02/11/2007 10:45

Just refer vaguely to ds having had an unsettled night and waking up early.

Oh, I forgot, that would be telling lies wouldn't it and this a Catholic school we are talking about.

O.K. then, tell the fibs anyway and 'fess up next time you are in the confessional.

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