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Quick, urgent, does anyone know a good Shakespeare site for children?

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LittleBella · 01/11/2007 16:01

Doing homework now and too much coming up on google for me to cope with...

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Marina · 01/11/2007 16:05

What dost thou need, fair maid

LittleBella · 01/11/2007 16:07

He has to do a poster or leaflet with facts about Shakespeare's life, plays, why he was important etc


OP posts:
lilibet · 01/11/2007 16:08

try this

Marina · 01/11/2007 16:10

Is this a that I see before me?

Marina · 01/11/2007 16:11

No it ISN'T

Marina · 01/11/2007 16:12

What would we all do with our State Broadcasting Corporation I wonder lilibet
The BBC is hard to beat

erniecrackles · 01/11/2007 16:20

We've used this before

It has a great section on making your own Shakesperean insults!!

LittleBella · 01/11/2007 16:27

Thanks everyone, these are great.

He's now browsing

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