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Cancellation of school trips, happen often?

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Martha200 · 31/10/2007 20:23

I am feeling a bit gutted. Had a letter home today to say that for the first school trip ever for those who started this year, not enough parents have come forward to volunteer to be a helper and if more don't come forward then the trip wont go ahead.

Infact only one parent came forward. Normally I'd think nothing of it, but am pretty on my way in pregnancy, which is why I thought maybe I wouldn't step up, though now I think I will show some willing, as I feel kind of sad if the trip does get cancelled.. it would be a good experience for the children.

All I was wondering, is if this happens often in schools, or will the letter get some more parents into offering to help?

I understand some parents of course work, and others have siblings to look after, but really can it be true until today 1/60 parents can be bothered/is able to help?

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RustyBear · 31/10/2007 20:28

I don't think we've ever had to cancel one for lack of helpers, (though we did once because of not enough 'voluntary' contributions) though we do have to do much more stalking of parents in the playground & pleading with them than we used to.
So many mums work outside the home, or if not, have pre-school kids that it is difficult for them.

ScaryScienceT · 31/10/2007 20:32

I think schools can sometimes be really bad at asking for help - non-specific wishy-washy statements. It is so easy to assume that "the clique" will jump in.

It's much better if they are upfront and say "we need 4 parent helpers - please call if you are able blah blah blah".

When my kids were at school in the USA, there were orientation evenings each year with the class teacher, which all parents were expected to attend. There, there were sign-up sheets for the various events, trips, parties, etc., and you were expected to do your bit.

annh · 31/10/2007 21:36

If this is a reception trip and there are a lot of new parents, they may not realise that they need to step forward to help. As ScaryScience said, the school needs to make it really clear. Also not many people may yet have their CRB checks - if they're like me, I only got around to handing the form in this morning! Oh an in answer to your original question, I have never known a trip at our school to be cancelled for lack of parent helpers.

maisykins · 01/11/2007 09:52

Last year we were asked for volunteers - but the volunteers had to pay to go along. £15 each. Then, because there werent enough volunteers (in reception they decided they needed 1 adult for every 2 children), they got extra staff, assistants in to help plus even some dinner ladies etc - these people did not have to pay. It made me that I had to pay even though I was doing the same job as them - in charge of other children and following the teacher's schedule (and we have not all been CRB checked btw - dont think they worried about this for the school trip).

We have had the opposite problem this year as ratio of 1 adult to 5 children now. Too many parent volunteers so names had to be drawn out of a hat. Those who had not been chosen (I was one) could also go but had to pay - fair enough - but on top of that we were not allowed to travel on the buses with the children (despite there being loads of spare seats as two large coaches were hired for 60 children and 12 adults). So we "extras" all had to go by car.

Martha200 · 01/11/2007 11:27

Maisykins - not fun!! I bet you were hacked off having to pay etc!

I spoke to the teacher today and they need 3 parents to volunteer, they have one, we will all be together as a class, so I said I would volunteer too (but if they get an overflow of parents asking today, to let me be the first one off the list, purely because I think I will need the toilet more than any other 4/5yr old Joys of pregnancy. Then another Mum volunteered, so looks like all OK.
Better not bloody rain though!

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