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Is there any children's radio?

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Elf · 13/10/2007 09:33

Hi, I wasn't sure which section to post this under. We haven't got digital TV and I wondered if there was any children's radio on normal radio. My dcs are 6 and under and they would love it I am sure.

OP posts:
professorplum · 13/10/2007 09:41

Don't know about analogue but bbcradio7 has kids stuff. DAB digital radios are getting cheaper (£30ish) but not everyone gets a signal. coverage

pigleto · 13/10/2007 09:43

radio7 has cbeebies radio everyday after school and before tea.

hoxtonchick · 13/10/2007 09:43

fun radio is on the internet i think.

Moomin · 13/10/2007 09:44

bbc7 broadcasts cbeebies in the afternoons - it's great!
There are also Radio Disney but not sure which channel it is.

ThisIsSabrinaPleaseDoNotScare · 13/10/2007 09:46

Fun radio is great and yes I belive you can listen online.

nailpolish · 13/10/2007 09:48

if you ahve speakers on your computer you can listen to digital radio via that

i often have radio 7 on in the backgroudn for dds while i mumsnet

the stories are fab

hoxtonchick · 13/10/2007 09:49

fun radio

portonovo · 13/10/2007 11:36

I would echo the comments about radio7 on digital radio. Also look at OneWord - they often have readings or dramatisations of children's stories, both classics and more modern stuff. Again, you can listen online.

Elf · 14/10/2007 19:42

This BBC7 sounds just what I meant. I didn't know it existed so that is brilliant. I have just downloaded it and look forward to trying it out. Thank you VERY MUCH!

OP posts:
warmsummersday · 15/10/2007 20:02

Just been reading through. We have a half hour car journey to school in mornings and afternoons, can you get this on the radio in the car?

Belo · 15/10/2007 20:34

There is a podcast of the cbeebies radio 7 programme. You can subscribe to it via the cbeebies website. I've got lots on my ipod which we use on car journeys, or as an emergency measure I stick the headphones in Dd1s ears. Guarantees 15 minute of silence.

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