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PMSL at DD2's reading diary

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RosaTransylvania · 13/10/2007 00:36

She is seven and loves reading but her spelling is very, very funny. She read a book about the Gunpowder Plot which apparently was masterminded by one Guy Forks. She also read a book about an averlanch (avalanche) which involved buried treasher.
Do other seven-year-olds spell this creatively or is it just her?

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RosaTransylvania · 13/10/2007 16:07

Bump because I have parents' evening on Tuesday and would like to know if it is something I need to raise with the teacher or not.

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cazzybabs · 13/10/2007 16:10

I used to teach yr 3 and I would havw thought that is very good spelling!

LadyVictoriaOfCake · 13/10/2007 16:10

its spelling phonectically. its fine.

IntergalacticWarlock · 13/10/2007 16:13

Yep absolute;ly fine.

I remeber one looking at a 9 yo's work, who wrtote that he ate with a nife and fuck

I PMSL at it for hours.

RosaTransylvania · 14/10/2007 21:23

Thanks. DD2 has a very different learning style to DDs 1 & 3 who both appear to have a very good visual memory for words - as do I - so rarely spell anything wrong. DD2 is more aural hence the phonetic spelling I suppose.

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