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Swearing in school book

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ahundredtimes · 12/10/2007 15:07

DS1's english teacher suggested a book he might like. He does like it very much.

However he said to me last night 'there's an awful lot of swearing in it'

I said 'is there? What?'

'Well' he said flicking through the pages, 'here's a piss off, oh and there's another piss off here and there's a bloody, and there are masses of shits. And why does dope make you paranoid?'

He's in Y5.

Are we cool with this? What do you think? I think I am. I just wondered. It is just a little bit alarming.

OP posts:
ahundredtimes · 12/10/2007 15:09

Oh and last term he got sent home from school for swearing in the library. The Headteacher told him 'I will not tolerate any swearing whatsoever.' It was all very hardline.

I felt I had to share that.

OP posts:
SauerKraut · 12/10/2007 15:10

If there's enough else in the book that it's worth it, I think I'd be cool too. On the other hand, my instincts tell me it's unnecessary, and there's loads of great stuff to read without that.

Blandmum · 12/10/2007 15:10

year 5 seems a bit little? Or am I being a bit of a prude?

My two (years 3 and 6) still recoil in horror at Ron Weasley's, 'Bloody hells' in harry potter

SauerKraut · 12/10/2007 15:11

Now that's cool! Our headteacher is young- well, my age!, and thinks he's cool- and swears a lot, where the kids can hear.

unknownrebelbang · 12/10/2007 15:12

No I don't think I'd like my yr5 or yr6 lads reading a book with lots of swearing in it.

Wouldn't bother me so much with DS1 (who's year 9).

Hallgerda · 12/10/2007 15:13

I'd be OK with it. If the book's teaching him that pot is not as harmless as many young people believe it to be, surely that's a good thing? I'd just emphasise that he's not supposed to talk like that himself (but obviously you, and the school, already do that).

SauerKraut · 12/10/2007 15:13

Oh, didn't pick up on age- how old is a year 5 ?

Blandmum · 12/10/2007 15:14

year 5 kids are 9-10 years of age

unknownrebelbang · 12/10/2007 15:15

Year 5 is 9 or 10.

unknownrebelbang · 12/10/2007 15:16

I don't think it's appropriate for the head to swear in front of children either.

Sourpuss rebel goes to fetch the boys from school.

TwigorTreat · 12/10/2007 15:16

I think that's totally inappropriate and unecessary

but then again I have lived in the 1950s since having my children

DoctorFrankenSquonk · 12/10/2007 15:18

where's that "what makes you feel old" thread gone?

I think it is wrong. Both the book and the head's swearing as well.

wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

unknownrebelbang · 12/10/2007 15:19

Will a 13 year old who wants to be a chief constable do squonk?

SauerKraut · 12/10/2007 15:20

Right then, let me correct myself. No way. I thought we were talking 16 here. (It's a long time since I lived in the UK)

Mercy · 12/10/2007 15:21

I'm not cool with it tbh.

Am confused about the Headteacher swearing though???

Botbot · 12/10/2007 15:22

What's the book?

ahundredtimes · 12/10/2007 16:57

I can't remember the title. It is a series about the Cherub detective agency or something by Robert Muchmore.

I said to ds1 'I wouldn't tell you not to read a book because it has swearing in it, but on the other hand you have to know there is NO situation in which you can swear and not get in trouble.'

It's all a bit complicated isn't it - like saying yes people swear, yes your school reading book has swearing in it - but YOU can't swear.

I'm confused.

OP posts:
ahundredtimes · 12/10/2007 17:15

I've just googled it. It seems to be about children who are trained as spies, mostly to crack and bring down drug smuggling gangs.

I'm so not ready for this. I thought we were still hanging out with the Bash Street Kids. I don't think we've ever discussed drugs.


OP posts:
orangehead · 12/10/2007 17:18

I wouldnt b ok with it

ahundredtimes · 12/10/2007 17:28

Oh dear, nobody seems okay with it here. Now that's making me worried.

OP posts:
ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween · 12/10/2007 17:42

I think I'd be uncomfortable with it. More, I think, because of the drug aspect and the quantity of swearing rather than the fact that there is swearing in it. I'd also think it gives the wrong message given the head's thoughts on swearing.

ahundredtimes · 12/10/2007 17:45

Yes, I supported the Head too, we both stood side by side on this.

AND the Head said 'you and Mr 100x must make sure you don't swear in front of him' (I moved a little away from his side at this point and looked at my shoes).

Oh it's complicated isn't it. I don't want to complain - I'm a libertarian fgs.

Though I'm just not sure that ds1 is sophisticated enough to understand the basic nature of this hypocrisy.

OP posts:
ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween · 12/10/2007 17:49

Can you go and chat to the teacher? Say that he loved the book but explain about the mixed message it's given your DS re swearing.

I wonder if the teacher's not read it but just heard good things about it.

(As a toddler, DS1 used to swear. But only when driving his pushalong car...)

Roseylea · 12/10/2007 18:01

The Robert Muchmore books are some of the best writing around atm - I'd say for teenage boys. Leave it a couple of years, until he's in yr 8 (which is when a lot of boys stop reading) then allow him to read these fabulous books. He'll feel grown up, cool, slightly naughty and be engrossed.

I'll have a think about books which might be better for his age group...

wheresthehamster · 12/10/2007 18:10

Dd1 was in year 5 when she brought home 'Kingdom by the Sea' which had swearing all the way through. I complained to the school but dd3 has told me it's still there!

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