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Teachers - what sort of parental involvement/support do you most appreciate?

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Earlybird · 01/10/2007 19:20

I'd be curious to also hear what specifically makes for a productive/constructive parent-teacher conference so that it is more than simply a status report?

Do you raise concerns, or wait for a parent to?

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Earlybird · 13/10/2007 14:06

Hi everyone - just dashing in to say that meeting with dd's teacher was positive. The teacher was able to tell me about/show me some of the things she is already doing in class to keep dd engaged (things not necessarily communicated by dd when she tells me about her day), and we have the beginnings of a strategy that will hopefully meet dd's needs.

Will post more detail later this weekend when not dashing off, but wanted to come back to the thread with a 'mini-update'. Thanks to all who have posted with ideas/support. It's immensely helpful.

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