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Are LEA funded infant schools allowed to have compulsary school uniform????

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CarGirl · 29/09/2007 20:41

Anybody know?

In particular are they allowed to insist that girls cannot wear trousers when the boys can


OP posts:
Peachy · 29/09/2007 20:43

Yes they can and often do

The trousers thing is gradually becoming an issue I think, but thats mroe gender discrimination than a funding issue and needs to be taken up with the poeple who make the individual school policies- heads and governors

CarGirl · 29/09/2007 20:46

just checking - can't believe they'd rather have 4 year old girls in skirts/pinafores and tights on PE and swimming days than a pair of trousers - makes me laugh!!! Also wearing tights slows dd3 down on the getting to the loo on time, still they will have to deal with it won't they!

OP posts:
CarGirl · 29/09/2007 20:47

Waiting to see if I get away with babylegs instead of tights

OP posts:
pinkbubble · 29/09/2007 20:47

We had this issue over trousers for girls until the Head retired (she didnt want girls in trousers) and in came a younger Head(both females) and sent home a questionaire and listened to what parents said and acted on it! Apparently it was unaminous that girls were to wear trousers!

pinkbubble · 29/09/2007 20:48

What are baby legs????

cece · 29/09/2007 20:49


I know the school you mean, remember I went on a tour of it. I don't remember whether the girls wore trousers or not!

Might put me off putting it on my application form!

startouchedtrinity · 29/09/2007 20:51

AFAIK you can kick up a stink on equality grounds. My dd1 wears trousers on swimming day as tights aren't encouraged.

CarGirl · 29/09/2007 20:52

babylegs = legwarmers.

Put dd3 in trousers (had an old pair of dd1) as she insisted and got told they weren't uniform.

Cece as the Addlestone Review proposal has been provisionally approved tbh you need to put down your nearest school otherwise you will end up wherever has spaces left, I think they will all be full from sep '08.

For dd4 I know of 15 siblings for entry sep '09 when there are only 30 places!!!

OP posts:
CarGirl · 29/09/2007 20:53

Star what equality grounds - any pointers in the right direction???

OP posts:
Twiglett · 29/09/2007 20:54

a school can strongly encourage a uniform but they cannot by law insist upon one

my DD is in LEA pre-school and won't wear skirts so she's wearing jeans with her school t-shirt and jumper

CarGirl · 29/09/2007 20:56

Twiglett, are you sure I need evidence!!!!

OP posts:
startouchedtrinity · 29/09/2007 20:58

I know in the past there have been discrimination cases taken against schools that don't allow trousers to be worn, which is when schools started to allow it. Basically it is discriminatory to allow boys to wear trousers and not girls.

I think Peachy is right that your first port of call should be the Governors. Might be worth checking the Ofsted website to see if they have info on this - if they recommend girls being allowed to wear trousers then this will be important for their inspections. You could try getting other parents on side.


coppertop · 29/09/2007 21:00

Is this any use to you?

Twiglett · 29/09/2007 21:00

well I think its a bit fuzzier than I said but it really boils down to the fact that the school can't discriminate against a child because of a parental decision

"School uniform

The law is not specific on the question of school uniform. As a parent if you do not want your child to wear the school's preferred uniform, your child cannot be disciplined for not wearing it. If however, your child simply refuses to wear the school uniform the school can discipline her/him if it thinks that academic or disciplinary problems might be caused by the refusal."

am looking for stuff you can quote .. give me a tic

Twiglett · 29/09/2007 21:02

I think really with such a young age it can be impossible to force them into an item of clothing they don't want to wear .. my DD won't wear skirts and dresses she simply refuses .. I have explained this and do what is feasible tokeep her in uniform-style

startouchedtrinity · 29/09/2007 21:05

I hate school uniform anyway - fortunately dd1's is of the sweatshirt variety so not too formal and she has her own fleece/coat - nad no nice gingham hair scrunchies to match her dress - hers are acid pink with sequins.

Dd2's pre-school have introduced a polo shirt with which I am extremely pissed off.

Sorry, diversion but enjoyed the mild rant!

cece · 29/09/2007 21:07

cargirl that is interesting.

I was going to put it as my third choice. Even though I am quite a long way away. I have two choices that are easy but my third is difficult as so many are church schools around her. And I don't want a church school.

CarGirl · 29/09/2007 21:09

Well dd cycles to school (she can't scooter as her gross motor skills are quite lacking) skirts get in the way - apparantly they have to take modes of transport into account plus there is the sex discrimination thing!

Perhaps I will write to the board of governers on those grounds and in the meantime let her wear trousers on the days when it is a big issue to her.

My priority is getting dd at 4.1 to school in a positive frame in mind not what she blardy wears! Skirts are too cold on her legs apparantly!

OP posts:
CarGirl · 29/09/2007 21:11

cece you don't get to rank your choices anyway they are all given equal preference????? So basically you will get into your nearest - which one do you want dc to go to and is it your nearest?

OP posts:
cece · 29/09/2007 21:14

no I am putting the G which is my 4th nearest and WB which is my 3rd nearest. My nearest in on SW.

CarGirl · 29/09/2007 21:19


OP posts:
cece · 29/09/2007 21:20


CarGirl · 29/09/2007 21:20

Which is your nearest then The M, or do you live in the other village that had one of it's schools shut - I know some children from there ended up at DD so they are now being moved to SC as of sep'08 - nightmare!

OP posts:
CarGirl · 29/09/2007 21:21

eek, are you hopeful? What is the one in SW like?

OP posts:
cece · 29/09/2007 21:21

The M is my second nearest but we are not catholic soo no good for us.

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