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How do I help a reluctant 4 yo with homework?

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scattyspice · 27/09/2007 12:35

DS has small amount of homework from reception. He has to read and match words. Would just take 10mins


I don't know if he finds it too hard or boring or what.

Ant tips?

OP posts:
LindzDelirium · 27/09/2007 12:37

I am having the same problem with my bright but lazy 5 yr old DD!

Roseylea · 27/09/2007 12:38

Set a kitchen timer and say that he only has to do it until the timer rings, then after that he can do something he really loves. Put the timer on the table so it's right in front of him, then keep saying "OOoh look, only 3 minutes to go!" etc etc.

May or may not work...

scattyspice · 27/09/2007 12:44

LD I can't tell if DS is bright but lazy or can't actually do the work I feel as if I should know.

I'll try that Rosey, as the longer he drags it out the less he concentrates (also 2yo DD wonders over after a while and starts causing more distractions!)

OP posts:
EmsMum · 27/09/2007 12:46

Tell him he can do something he really wants (watch dvd, play tig, whatever...) as soon as he's finished.

That works. sometimes.

nell12 · 27/09/2007 12:48

Do it as soon as you have got home from school... even whilst he is having his snack. No arguments, just tell him that you are doing it and the tv will not go on/ play time will not start till it is done.

If he is allowed to procrastinate then he will try it on!

Make it as fun as possible; if he reads a line of his book, rou will read it again in a silly voice. Make the word matching a game; race against you etc etc etc

Crocky · 27/09/2007 12:51

Ds was 5 when he started reception and we had huge problems getting him to try any reading.
Eventually I went to speak to his teacher. Her advice was to stop pushing him and leave it all up to the school for a while. So for the last six months of reception he did no homework.
He went into year one and arrived home with a book, full of enthusiasm.
It may be that your ds is just not ready.

scattyspice · 27/09/2007 12:55

Thank you.
He wants to do it straight away (I wondered if he was too tierd ) and we go in dining rm so DD can watch TV.

He was only 4 in July so maybe he really isn't ready. I would prefer not to push it and cause a row, but then I don't want him to think he doesn't have to try things.

OP posts:
chloesmumtoo · 27/09/2007 13:02

To be honest when they get home there is no interest, I found this and still do with dd 5yrs. I do her reading just before bed when she is happy to have some time with me. We go upstairs out the way of tv,ds and dh. Its like her special time. Not sure what words you have to match up ect but going on my dd we used to have words written on cards and cut out. We would do different things. Sometimes put them all on the floor upside down and pick which one she wanted each time to guess at. Or we would make a pile and take in turns taking one and saying it. Or another game where the ones they guess they keep but the ones they get wrong they loose to you. My dd still talks all the way through her reading book. Its like page chat page chat! But she is happy doing it, sometimes she pretends her doll is reading it aswell

chloesmumtoo · 27/09/2007 13:04

Perhaps if he managed so many words you could do a star chart and sticker kind of thing for fun!

EmsMum · 27/09/2007 14:18

Probably a good idea to make sure he has a snack and drink before or during.

Fennel · 27/09/2007 14:27

Do it on a weekend morning when they're a bit less tired. That works with mine. Or just leave it if they're tired. as you say he's very young.

I never make mine do any homework or reading if it gets at all stressful. I don't want them to associate reading etc with stress and negative feelings. It doesn't seem worth it.

goingfor3 · 27/09/2007 14:30

I have the same problem with dd1 aged 6. I spend more time telling her to do her homework than it takes for her to do it!

scattyspice · 27/09/2007 14:58

Thank you all.

Those games sound good Chloesmum, thats what he has words cut out to match with the word on the page.

I agree Fennel and Emsmum, straight from school is not a good time.

Thats whats so frustrating goingfor3!

OP posts:
1dilemma · 28/09/2007 01:05

Really surprised noone has said bin the homework (sorry to be so unhelpful but that's what I think....)

Tortington · 28/09/2007 01:06

me too

scattyspice · 28/09/2007 08:29

Someone did I think. And Dh ceratinly did!

I'd rather do that than fight over it (or spend all night sitting at the table while he falls off his chair etc).

Thanks all.

OP posts:
NAB3 · 28/09/2007 08:44

If homework has been sent home, it has to be done. Talk to the teacher about tips to make it pleasant for all of you.

Caroline1852 · 28/09/2007 16:37

Buy some bath pens and write the words on the tiles or on the bath whilst he is in it. As he links them, let him wash the word away. Bath letters and numbers (made out of coloured polysterene) are good for this sort of thing too.

scattyspice · 28/09/2007 19:46

Thats the trouble NAB, also I'm supposed to write a comment in his record book .

Good tip caroline.

I am putting it off til tomorrow. God its like I'm back at school.

OP posts:
belgo · 28/09/2007 19:52

homework for a four year old?!

beautifuldays · 28/09/2007 19:55

homework doesn't have to be done when they're in reception! it's an optional school year, not a compulsory one!
bin it!!

scattyspice · 28/09/2007 20:36

Its getting confusing

OP posts:
1dilemma · 28/09/2007 21:10

I know what I'd be writing in the comment book.....

Caroline1852 · 28/09/2007 22:20

I don't agree with homework either in the reception class. Actually don't agree with it for primary at all, save porhaps for in the last year as preparation for homework in high school.

It is easier said than done making sarcastic comments in the homework diary. I am sure a short note to the class teacher explaining his reluctance will suffice. No teacher would want you or him getting into a tizz about something that will not make one iota of difference to his ability or application at school. I regularly used to write in my sons' reading record a\t primary age "no reading tonight as busy living" and I was never told off at parents' evening.

Caroline1852 · 28/09/2007 22:21

porhaps - I must have been trying to sound posh - I meant perhaps

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