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What have your DCs reactions been when starting reception?

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ThomasTankEngine · 21/09/2007 18:03

My DS is a little wild when he gets home.

He's started this wierd shouting made up words thing.

I do hope this will settle down.

OP posts:
Toothyboy · 21/09/2007 21:12

Ds1 has taken to it straight away. He tells me every day that he really loves his big school. However he's quite stroppy when he first comes out, won't talk about it on the way home and just wants to slob in front of the tv when we do get home!

ChippyMinton · 21/09/2007 21:15

DS2 started this week. He's been a bit clingy when i drop him off, but comes out smiling
chankins · 21/09/2007 21:17

dd1 started las thurs and seems to love it so far - skips and runs there and skips and runs home again, with the odd cartwheel thrown in, bless her. Has got louder though and is coming out with things that can only come from school, and sounds already a lot older than I wish her to be ! Hasn't been tired yet as only mornings till january. Would take a lot to make her tired though - her battery is on full power til her head hits the pillow - bless her again....

ledodgy · 21/09/2007 21:18

DD loves it though she's a nightmare when she gets home. She is quite hyper active with a bit of an attitude. She also does that shouty made up name thing when shouting bye to her friends she'll shout things like 'bye bye fluffybanana' and think it's hilarious we also have a face pulling thing going on when I tell her off it really aggravates me!

Toothyboy · 21/09/2007 21:18

Hi Chippy! Is he going all day or just mornings? We decided to send ds1 all day, which he started this week (after a week and half of just morings) and he's been fine! Lucky your ds2 comes out smiling - we have to walk home in silence!

Donk · 21/09/2007 21:21

DS is enjoyin reception and seems to have settled well. He has been full time for two weeks now - and gets very tired. Having said that the first thing he does when he comes out of the school door is hand over his book bag and packed lunch bag and run around like a loon, letting off steam...We then run most of the way home. He just needs ot be unconstrained (within reason) for a little while. Then he flops.

ChippyMinton · 21/09/2007 21:24

He is in all day from the start. It is quite hard to get much out of him but he chats away at times, about the other children and what playing they've done. Glad to hear little toothyboy is doing well

marymoocow · 21/09/2007 21:31

ds2 has finished his second week of half days, and has enjoyed himself. He was sooooo excited today because he could sit at the front with all the school in celebration assembly. I took a tissue, but just sat admiring my big grown up boy.
(sorry if that sounded mushy )

He starts full time next week, and can't wait to take his lunch box like his brother and sister. Think reality will sink in when he realises that this is it now for the next 12 years at least

Oh and my house hasn't been as clean for years.

feetheart · 21/09/2007 21:41

DD cried on the first morning (and set me off as I left her ) but when I went to pick her up before lunch and asked her what it was like she said 'Good', then paused and said 'Fantastic'.
Earlier this week she told me 'School is still fantastic' so inspite of being a bit clingy in the morning she is loving it.

No major melt-downs yet but she starts full-time next week and I have a feeling it will be an 'interesting' time for us all

hippipotami · 22/09/2007 16:47

Dd has taken to it straight away. She is full time as one of the oldest (mid Dec birthday). She skips into school without a backward glance, she skips out of school with a big smile. She has already been invited to the party of a little girl in a different reception class to hers (so is obviously mixing/socialising well)

She is however started telling tall tales. 'Miss X let me go to the office all on my own to take the register because she is so impressed with me' (I found out from Miss X that she went with Adam, they always go in pairs, one to carry the register and one to open the doors) and 'I got to play outside SIX times today' (They go out 3 times)

But she is very very very happy. And so therefore am I!

ThomasTankEngine · 22/09/2007 18:46

DS is enjoying school and happy to be there, just this odd 9for him) behaviour afterwards.

Glad to hear another DC does this made up words thing too, ledodgy.

OP posts:
Bonniecat · 22/09/2007 21:28

My DD has just started Reception and they are now in full time (plus after school club). Although she skips in and hugs the teacher and has lots of friends etc, she deos the shouty name thing and the tall tales (no difference to normality actually). ON Friday I was asked to meet the teacher in the coming week to discuss her behaviour. I was told she is disruptive in class and gets put on the "hot spot" every day in school for not listening or doing something she shouldn;t.

I did forewarn the teacher in the pre-admission interview that she has a tendency to be excitable and keen and doesn;t focus at the right time, and she does practice selective listening and said I hoped they were ready for that and she took note. She is bright and loves learning, can already do her letters and has been practising writing for some time, so I'm not worried about her academic ability.

Now I'm worried that they've called me in so early after only less than 2 weeks. I don't want her labelled so soon but I also know she can be very defiant. Any thoughts?

ThomasTankEngine · 23/09/2007 22:01

Well if she hugs the teacher it sounds as if thre's a great relationship there.

She sounds well liked by her class mates too.

Hope the chat goes well.

OP posts:
Bonniecat · 24/09/2007 22:35

Well I had the chat with the teacher and she basically said that DD is one of the "challenging" kids in class - she should be able to learn the no talking rule by now(after only 7 days in school?), also that she is very loud and excitable and shouts and sings very loudly, and doesn;t put her hand up when she wants to ask questions.

I pointed out that she is really keen to do everything and anything NOW and will learn to calm down but 2 weeks isn't very long - surely you have to give them time to learn after allowing them a few mistakes and to see what consequences there are? She says she has disrupted others already and is very much a ringleader and she feels she is having no impact on her as a teacher and recommended we do smiley charts at home and school to basically make sure she does what she is asked. She kind of made her out to be worse than she is - there was no positives in the conversation like how sociable and confident she is etc. So I feel a bit insulted all in all. I mean I do do discipline at home and she doesnlt get treats if she doesnlt do something required - what does the teacher think I let her get away with all sorts?? She made a lot of assumptions without asking basics.

Surely I'm not ioverreacting to believe that after only 7 days n school you canlt expect 30 kids to all be toeing the line already???

GodzillasBumcheek · 24/09/2007 22:37

My dtds went off on their first day and didn't look back , they don't need me any morrrrrre!
That was 6 years ago, mind.

ThomasTankEngine · 25/09/2007 21:46

Bonniecat, i feel for you and your ds being singled out in her 1st week.

She sounds a bright confident girl.

How about starting a thread to seek MN primary teachers advice?

OP posts:
Issy · 25/09/2007 21:52

DD2 is fine but she is, as DH remarked this evening, "rather full of herself". She has become exceptionally bossy both with us, our au pair and poor DD1. I think it may be a tough half term.

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