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key words - YR1

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mysonsmummy · 17/09/2007 01:09

in reception i managed to get hold of the 50 key/high repitition words with magnetic backs.

they were great and really help ds to learn them.

does anyone know where i can get them from for year 1.

many thanks

OP posts:
Niecie · 17/09/2007 01:23

We were given a list of 400 keywords at the end of Yr R which we worked through pretty steadily. Could you not ask the school for them? Are they unwilling to hand them out?

Not sure where you would get the magnetic version from but you could make flash card type things and use blutack or something similar.

mysonsmummy · 17/09/2007 01:25

400??? wow. i was thinking it would be another 50 for yr 1. i got them from ebay but cant find them now. thanks for replying though

OP posts:
ChiTownLady · 17/09/2007 01:34

You can get them from I think I saw them in there and also GLTC as well...

Budababe · 17/09/2007 06:38

I got the Reception ones from GLTC or Letterbox. They do the next stage too.

Don't panic about 400 words though! DS hadn't quite got the 40-odd reception ones at beg of Yr 1 and did the next 200 by end of Yr 1. We were give the 3rd 100 to do over summer but tbh are still working on it.

Budababe · 17/09/2007 06:40

Here they are

Niecie · 17/09/2007 09:45

Sorry, I didn't mean to panic you - I was just saying that we got all the keywords from school. I didn't know you can buy them although I am not sure if they are the same ones that my DS would have been measured on to move through the reading schemes anyway. There seem to be more than one list around although obviously there are huge overlaps.

Somebody on another thread said that the average child was expected to get 45 keywords by the end of Yr R and 150 by the end of Yr 1 and presumably the other 250 by the end of Yr 2 (the 1st 100 are the hardest to get). So if your DS has got his 50 he is doing well.

LIZS · 17/09/2007 09:53

Wilkinsons sell them in packs of each Year

Alambil · 17/09/2007 10:20

I've seen them in Wilkinsons too

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