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What should my dd be able to write up to in numbers please? Year 1

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chloesmumtoo · 14/09/2007 10:20

Just thought I would post this thread. Dd came home saying she needed help from the teacher yesterday but no one did. Concerned about her reading I have put all eforts on this and feel may have neglected her numbers. Didnt think she was behind but now worried just incase. She can count not to badly. Not to 100 but I think she made it to 60 ish the other day then got tired. She however yesterday said she had lots to write down and didnt know how to do them. She has already done one year in reception and is now in year 1. I just worried incase she is behind. She can only write up to 12 ish I think. Didnt know when I asked her about writing 20. Just printed of a lovely number square and will put it up in her room. Have I any need to worry? Is she behind? My other ds was very mathematical and still is so I cant really go on him. What should she be writing up too?

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chloesmumtoo · 14/09/2007 10:21

Oh and if she does require any further help does anyone recommend any fun work sheets she could use or print off

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Hulababy · 14/09/2007 10:24

The ability range re maths in DD's Y1 class is very big. Some still doing 1-10, and others know up to 100 written down.

Just practise I think is all that is needed. Just seeing and using the numbers in day to day lif. So point out numbers of doors, buses, cars, etc.

It'll fit into place with her soon. And I bet she wasn't the only one who needed help - it's just the child doesn't always notice other children getting the help.

DD likes measuring things. So she will use a ruler or tape measure to measure things. I make a list of things tomeasure - TV, sofa, daddy, etc. and she goes off, measures and writes the number down. You could do something similar if she would find it fun, and then talk about what number it is as she does it.

Hulababy · 14/09/2007 10:30

For online practise:

Do the free trial for a few days You can always resign up under different address/name afterwards ;)

And DD likes Rainforest Maths website, which is free.

The BBC education pages have numeracy activities too.

And DD enjoys the learning activity books you can buy, and the activities booklets you get inside some of the children's magazines.

These have some printout sheets: here and here

chloesmumtoo · 14/09/2007 10:31

Many thanks thats great. Yes I could definately make more effort in that area. Must have lost touch with it all!

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chloesmumtoo · 14/09/2007 10:32

oh wow bril. Cross posted then.

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Hulababy · 14/09/2007 10:34

The Rainforest Maths website is really good. It has different levels of work, from preschool up. DD really enjoys using it and it's fab as it is compeltely free to use

chloesmumtoo · 14/09/2007 11:02

Yes I just had a look at that, Im sure she would enjoy it. Have just printed some things off the other sites too.

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Smithagain · 14/09/2007 22:53

DD1 is in Yr 1 and had her first piece of homework today, which was cutting up a sheet with the numbers 1 - 20 on it, reading me the numbers at random, and arranging them in the right order.

She also told me that they had to write the numbers 1-10 down, in order, in class today. She finished that and carried on up to 30, and claims that the TA was highly impressed. Although she may just be a good actor

On that basis, it sounds to me like they are focusing on numbers up to 20, but at least some of the class weren't expected to get past 10.

hana · 14/09/2007 23:17

year one targets are just number 1 - 20

wheresthehamster · 15/09/2007 16:02

For the first week or 2 various assessments are done with each child - sounds, letter formation, counting and number formation to name a few. From this the teacher can determine the appropriate targets of the child and set work at a suitable level.

It doesn't sound like she is behind but practising basic number skills with her could do wonders for her self-esteem and help her understand more difficult concepts as they come along.

This week we were checking the children understood number sentences. Last week we were choosing a number then counting on one.

cazzybabs · 15/09/2007 16:26

I teach year 1 - I except my children to recognise 1-10 (some don't) and be able to count objects to 10. This term we focus on 1-20, knowing the numbers and the numbers on words and being able to count objects to 20. My most able children will already know numbers up and beyond a 100 - they have seen the pattern and are away.

Try for good stuff to downlaod and print out (posters etc).

LIZS · 15/09/2007 16:32

Ours last year did number bonds up to 20 and writing/recognising up to 100 iirc. Year 2 they go from 100 to 1000.

cazzybabs · 15/09/2007 20:27

LIZS - but that is by the end of the year not at the start. Year 1 is the year in school where you will see your child make the most progress and be amazed at how much they can do at the end.

aintnomountainhighenough · 15/09/2007 20:38

Hulababy just wanted to thank you for the great links. I have a DD who has just started reception and these will be really useful(am feeling a bit rubbish mummy/ashamed as I feel I should put more effort into finding sites like these!)

LIZS · 16/09/2007 09:31

I realise that , just trying to put the OP into context that anything working towards that level is normal.

chloesmumtoo · 19/09/2007 13:16

Thanks everyone!! Have not managed to get on mn for few days.

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