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Can anyone tell me what the maximum number of pupils in a reception class should be please?

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earlgrey · 13/09/2007 14:21

And whether the maxium depends on whether they're 4 or 5? TIA

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mankyscotslass · 13/09/2007 14:23

I think its 30, and the age makes no difference. There were 30 in each reception class last year...there were two classes. There is just one intake so a mix of ages from just turned four to just turning 5 in the class.

earlgrey · 13/09/2007 14:24

I thought it was 25. Really feel for the reception teacher in dds school who has a class of 30 to try and teach .....

OP posts:
mankyscotslass · 13/09/2007 14:24

Meant to say they have one teacher and one TA per class.

mankyscotslass · 13/09/2007 14:25

I think its 24 or 25 in Scotland......

Hassled · 13/09/2007 14:26

30 is the maximum, but they can go over by I think 2 (poss just 1) if there is a Statemented child in the class (presumably with a 1 to 1 Learning Support Assistant).

katierocket · 13/09/2007 14:27

It's supposed to be 30 but at a school near us there is 34. That's because the LEA's policy is to accept anyone within the catchment area and obviously this goes against hte government's policy of only 30 in a class. Having said that they then get extra funding for more support/TAs.

DS1 used to be in a class of 30 and it was fine, teacher was brilliant though.

LIZS · 13/09/2007 14:28


cat64 · 13/09/2007 14:34

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