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Can any primary teachers or parents help me with a question about ELECTRICITY...

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snowleopard · 12/09/2007 11:50

Thanks for clicking on this! Sorry it's a bit dull, but for work I need to know... when children study electric circuits in primary school, do they use normal everyday kit (eg a normal battery, a bit of wire and a bulb like what you can get at Maplin) or do they use specially designed educational stuff - eg special batteries with clips on them to hold wires, or even whole ready-made circuits?

Anyone who knows, any details much appreciated - thanks.

OP posts:
Wisteria · 12/09/2007 11:50

mine used normal stuff x

snowleopard · 12/09/2007 13:00

Thanks v much wisteria.

Quick bump for anyone else...

OP posts:
Wisteria · 12/09/2007 13:08

Bumping for you really but - I would imagine it depends on the resources available to the school - have no doubt that everything would need PAT testing etc. obviously but am sure some schools would have posh kits specially manufactured for this. We had a big box full of wooden boards and wires, bulbs and batteries that we put together to show what we needed to show.

BobbyGrantycal · 12/09/2007 13:12

We have the same as Wisteria

snowleopard · 12/09/2007 13:36

wisteria, how would you fix a wire to a battery and to a bulb contact - just using a bit of tape?

OP posts:
BobbyGrantycal · 12/09/2007 13:36

crocodile clips

Wisteria · 12/09/2007 13:41

no - you have to get a battery surround, like the inside of a torch or whatever, do you know what I mean?

Can't remember what they're called but you glue all the fixings to the board and use normal electrical wiring components as if you were wiring a light up. The batteries are removable, wires etc stay fixed, but can be 'unplugged' from battery and bulb (depends what age you are teaching though, am assuming primary school). We used a white light switch as the circuit breaker.

Wisteria · 12/09/2007 13:41

croc clips too! Thanks bobby!

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