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non-catholic in catholic primary school

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LouiseB3 · 08/09/2007 16:59

Hi, this is the first message I have posted on here as I only joined today. I have some concerns regarding my daughter's school. We moved to a new area in May and therefore had to change our daughter's school. She used to go to a C of E school which she loved, she enjoyed the religious side of it, even though we ourselves (DH & I) are not practising religious. After moving we looked at a few schools in the area, including the one she is now at, which is a Catholic school. She liked it when we looked around and after doing a morning taster session there and as it was similar in pupil size to the one she used to go to - and the fact that the next day was half term and she needed a school to go to after that - she joined the school.
At first things seemed ok although we missed her old school, but since then I can't get rid of the instinct that the school is not right for her/us. She had no homework (she is in year 3 now but did the last half term of year 2)and there no home-school book in which we and the teachers can communicate. Today she told me that some girls have been picking on her and pulling her hair and one threatened to give her a black eye. Also the fact that the catholic side of things seems very prominant, more than I expected - which is fine for the catholics - but as we are not I am worried that we have put her in the wrong school. The schools admissions criteria is to take catholic children first, then other christian children and lastly non religious children (roughly) I am worried that she will feel excluded for the fact of not being catholic. I have another child due to start school next September and need to fill in the admission forms by October 12 and don't know what to do, I feel funny applying to send my other child to a school that I am unhappy with. He is already starting the pre school in a couple of weeks. Any advice about this would be greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 08/09/2007 17:05

Find another school.

A Catholic school, does exactly what it says on the tin teaches the curriculum and the Catholic Faith. DS goes to a Catholic school, the children are not excluded, they and their parents are however expected to support the Catholic ethos.

Non Catholic children at DS's school are expected to go to assembly on a Friday where hymns are sung and they also have to attend school Masses.

If this is not right for you our your child then you should seek to move her.

Aimsmum · 08/09/2007 17:09

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton · 08/09/2007 17:13

welcome LouiseB3 ! I can only speak from my own experience at Catholic school where there was a lot of emphasis on religion,particularly in my primary school,which was fine for us being Cattholics. Were the other children picking on her for a reason (ie because she isn't catholic - how would they know anyway ?) or just picking on her as children can do ? Go by your instincts I think. Sorry if this isn't massively helpful, just wanted to say hello and welcome really !

LouiseB3 · 08/09/2007 17:14

Yes obviously they are sepearte matters not related to the faith of the school, I was not suggesting they were, it's just all of the issues I have altogether that are upsetting me and I am hoping to deal with them one by one. I intend speaking to her teacher next week.

OP posts:
Tortington · 08/09/2007 17:16

three things going on here


communication with teachers


bullying - the school should have an anti bullying policy - the schools hould be informed and you should make sure you are highly visable and meet witht he teachers and askt o meet witht he children and parents of the others involved. ONE BOG MEET where youare all in a room - and no bullshit can be spun with "he said...she said..." shit - all in a room at once face to face

communication - depending ont he class teacher - you can to some extent make your own arrangements. - i used to see the class teacher in primary once a week for 5 mins. if there is no homework being given - then perhaps you can print off sheets and do at home if this bothers you - at primary age though it wouldnt partic bother me. but you can solve this problem - if its a problem.


its a catholic school - catholic ethos, hymns prayers church visits assembly. jesus pictures and god loves you OOOOOOOOOOOOOZing everytwhere.

you cannot however complain abotu the religeon IMO - its a catholic school.

you can - aim to solve the other two problems - YOU have to be a little proactive.

the chances are if your child was in a dogs bollocks school before - then there won't be another school to match it even if you do change

LouiseB3 · 08/09/2007 17:16

Thanks for that! I don't know why they were picking on her, one called her a weirdo. It could be just like kids do, or maybe because she is quite new. She was never picked on at her old school.

OP posts:
MaryAnnSingleton · 08/09/2007 17:22

it's probably just one of those things that happens (the picking on)...definite;ly see the teacher to discuss home link stuff and possible bullying - you'll feel better and more in control once you do.

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