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Good primary in Guildford or nearby

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IWannaBeLikeYou · 06/09/2007 14:40

DS is due to start Reception next year.
We are looking to move to Guildford or nearby so I would like to concentrate on properties that are near a good primary school.
Any suggestions?

OP posts:
LIZS · 06/09/2007 14:46

Did you realise that the applications will need to be in around half term - so you need a local address to be able to choose.

hotcrossbunny · 06/09/2007 14:50

Burpham, Boxgrove, St Josephs if you're Catholic...
Off the top of my head...

IWannaBeLikeYou · 06/09/2007 14:55

I do realize that, LIZS.
If we find something we should be able to move in the next couple of months.
Is it the case that you must have lived at a certain address for a while before you can put your name down for a school?

OP posts:
LIZS · 06/09/2007 15:01

I'm not sure what residential criteria they apply now , but you would have to have at very least exchanged or signed a lease. Also they apply catchments more rigorously , from talking to a friend of a friend who lives near Bookham, and LEA recently redefined some. You apply centrally to Surrey LEA, listing preferences in order, and certain schools (ie. the VA ones) sometimes have a separate form to be returned to them direct.

Issy · 06/09/2007 15:02

Top of my head Boxgrove, Burpham and Pewley Down Infants followed by Holy Trinity Junior(although Holy Trinity might be a bit too 'hippy dippy' for some!).

Boxgrove has excellent Ofsted reports etc. although I've heard very mixed reports on its handling of children with SEN. Both Boxgrove and Pewley Down put the two classes of the Reception Year (60 children in total) in a single 'Reception base'. Fine for some children, possibly rather overwhelming for others. The headteacher for Pewley Down and, I think, Boxgrove have or are about to change so you might want to look into that.

Issy · 06/09/2007 15:03

On catchment areas, there are no pre-defined catchment areas. The areas will change from year to year based on demand. Somewhat surprisingly DD2 got into Boxgrove last year although we live a brisk 20 minute walk away. After some soul-searching we let the place go and she joined her sister at a local private school.

samanthar · 06/09/2007 17:12

eastwick in bookham, godalming ones but these areas are obviously further away

scienceteacher · 06/09/2007 18:01

Holy Trinity has an excellent reputation.

Hermit · 06/09/2007 18:21

Have you thought of Woking? St Dunstan's if you're catholic or Horsell Village and Goldsworth primary are both excellent.

Kaz33 · 07/09/2007 18:17

Also in Guildford there is Sandfield, St nicks which are fine.

But the top three are Pewley Down (central/ Pewley hill and parts of Shalford), Boxgrove and Burpham.

For Pewley Down you need a years lease. A lot of parents apply to PD, then get into private or move away so there tends to be quite a bit of churn. So even if your application is late, along as you are in the right catchment area then you should get a place.

3sEnough · 07/09/2007 18:21

Lots of nice ones in Cranleigh - St.Cuthbert Mayne (if you can get in - Catholic and waiting list), Parkmead, Cranleigh Infants. Cranleigh is 8 miles south east of Guildford. Wonersh and Shamley Green infants great too - a bit closer to G/fd too - approx 5 miles.

pagwatch · 07/09/2007 18:25

ALLLLLL the local mums at DD's nursery were pushing for Pewley and are extremely happy with it. I can't comment as my DD is going elsewhere

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