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Is dd1 creating an illness so she doesn't have to go to school (first day) tomorrow?

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oliveoil · 04/09/2007 11:33

I wasn't aware of her being anxious, but she has seen her uniform appearing and dd2 has gone back to playgroup so she knows she goes tomorrow.

Since Monday her 'tummy hurts' and she was sick this morning HOWEVER she makes herself sick when she gets worked up over something

MIL not sure, she is not hot 'but very whingy'

is this common, will it be a DISASTER if she misses her first day/week? Not that I think she is ill

oh fgs I don't know, someone get me a crystal ball

PS I am not supposed to be on here as I am BUSY so will bob on and off


OP posts:
nailpolish · 04/09/2007 11:37

if my dd does this i usually ask her straight out "you wont be in trouble, but, are you making up a sore tummy because you dont want to go to school?" and her face gives it away and usually she comes clean and is sad-faced

will she know anyone in her class?

Fireflyfairy2 · 04/09/2007 11:39

My dd is like this too.

I talked to her. I told her it was ok to have a sore tummy but it didn't mean she was sick, it just meant she was nervous & that sometimes mammy was nervous too when it came to doing new things.

She was very "sick" on Sunday evening, but after a bath & a story I told her about my first day at school & how to this day I still get a sore tummy before I go to uni etc... she was fine.

She went off yesterday grinning from ear to ear!

oliveoil · 04/09/2007 11:39

about 10 from her playgroup are going out of 60

same school she does her ballet in so she knows one of the teachers already

she looked so sad this morning

will have a chat later I think

OP posts:
nailpolish · 04/09/2007 12:12

yes a chat would be good
has she arranged her bag and pencil case. etc?
dd1 was happier when she had her bag ready.
i also let her sneak in a small teddy for company
and i put a secret note inside her playpiece

"i you melanie
love from mummy"

and a big smiley face

just incase she was a bit lost at playtime, she would know i was thinking of her

Fireflyfairy2 · 04/09/2007 12:37

I put some of my perfume on dd so she could smell me if she was missing me. She proudly announced to me at the gate "I didn't smell you all day mammy"....

I let her take her tamagotchi too though she said she didn't play with it she liked knowing it was in her bag

oliveoil · 04/09/2007 13:10

she doesn't have a pencil case, only a book bag which is empty

MIL says she hasn't eaten all day

oh ffs, looks like she will miss the first day, great, will now be the new girl

am off now to work as after today I am off for a week and need to clear my groaning paper pile


OP posts:
MummyPenguin · 04/09/2007 14:17

My DS1 aged 8 used to suffer terrible tummy aches which were purely anxiety related. He doesn't do it so much now, but he used to work himself up into a right state, and would get these tummy aches. He used to suffer from anxiety a lot, particularly when any changes were on the horizon.

Hopefully she'll be okay. My DD has started secondary school today and has been as nervous as hell for a while, until this morning. She was fine.

nailpolish · 04/09/2007 14:21

you should buy her a pencil case, even if she doesnt need one
could you cal l one of the other mothers and arrnge to walk to school together?

i hope she is ok tomorrow, and enjoys her first day

(prob you ahve gone now and im postng this for no reason)

NAB3 · 04/09/2007 14:22

If you don't think she is ill she has no reason to miss school. The first week is important for all sorts of reasons and if you let her stay off now you will never hear the end of it. Take her to the doctor. If she doesn't want to go, ther's your answer.

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