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Shottermill Infants, Haslemere

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Jaws72 · 31/08/2007 15:13

OK so this might sound nuts, but can anyone clarify for me the start date for Year 1 children at Shottermill Infant School in Haslemere, Surrey.
Their letter said Tues 5th (which of course doesn't exist - Tues is 4th, Wed is the 5th). Have left about 50 voice messages in the hope that someone might pick them up. Have also sent emails. Have tried surrey and waverley council (they said it was Monday 3rd!!) as well as the junior school nearby!
We are new to the area and I don't know any other parents.
is anyone out there!

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hotcrossbunny · 31/08/2007 22:24

Just wanted to respond to you!
I don't know the answer but if you ring the school on Monday someone is bound to be there. Also could you hang out at the nearest playground over the weekend and accost parents there - hopefully someone will have a child going to Shottermill. Is the playground by the Co-Op in Lion Lane(?) the nearest?
Good luck! I'm in Witley so not far. My dd is starting on Thursday - eek!

mummytoamonkey · 01/09/2007 15:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummytoamonkey · 01/09/2007 16:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lou33 · 01/09/2007 16:23

i'm in witley too

Jaws72 · 07/09/2007 12:03

thanks to all re shottermill start date. and yes someone was there on monday as predicted. hanging out at the local playground was a good idea though, thanks hotcrossbunny! anyway, it was tuesday, and frustratingly i had to go to work and miss my daughter's first day at new school. grrrr! She was great for the first two days, but school meals, new rules and loneliness have meant she doesn't want to go to school, and keeps crying on and off throughout the day. very traumatic for all. switching to packed lunches hasn't helped either!
Have spoken to the teachers etc and know this was to be expected after leaving a fantastic little school in london where she was queen bee.
Am thinking of organising some sort of play thing/tea after school one day with a few of the class children to help. though not sure how i would select the children and of course a whole class thing would be soooo expensive. We are in tiny temporary accommodation in Bowlhead Green at the mo so can't have lots of children back there. Any suggestions?!

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