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HELP - starting full time on Monday!

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Cathy10 · 31/08/2007 09:21

can anyone please help with some advice .. my DS starts school full time on Monday and I am feeling v anxious about it - he says he misses me and has become really tired the last few days (he's been going for 2 weeks part time) so I am even more anxious now how he is going to cope with going for packed lunches, playing in the playground and the 2 hours after that in the classroom. I feel almost ill at the thought of it does anyone have any advice for me and him? How long does it take for them to settle in? Cathy

OP posts:
TheodoresMummy · 31/08/2007 09:32

If your DS is not ready, can't you continue with mornings only for a while longer ?

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