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Advice on good primary schools in Cambridge?

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Dinasaur · 07/08/2007 07:57

Hello, We are planning to move to Cambridge in the next few months, and wonder if anyone has any recommendations for primary schools in the city or close by (say within 2 miles or so)? Thanks!

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 07/08/2007 23:29

do you know what area you are planning to move to? (ie city itself or outside village).
No idea on primary schools in cambridge itself as we are in one of the north villages, although everywhere seems oversubscribed atm - so I would start contacting schools now.

Butkin · 08/08/2007 04:51

Private or state?

Dinasaur · 08/08/2007 05:56

Hi, I am looking for a state primary.
I am not sure yet the area we'll be moving to, quite flexible at the moment, but will be looking for work in the Addenbrookes area. So anywhere in the city or villages that are not too far away would be fine. Was thinking maybe Girton or Trumpington, or city? The oversubscribed bit will be a worry-the LEA wont confirm a place in a school until we have a confirmed address, but I dont want to end up moving house and then find all the nearby schools are full. Ideal would be to find a good school(s) that has places or not too long a waiting list, and look to move into that area. Thanks for any suggestions!

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 08/08/2007 09:08

Difficult, as I said I have no idea about schools in the city.
Addenbrookes is accessible from alot of area (I have friends who live in Burwell who work at Addenbrooks), it just depends how much or little travel you want.

shergar · 08/08/2007 12:03

This is slightly off topic, but Trumpington is a great bet for living if you're working at Addenbrooke's as it's a lovely short, safe cycle in on the cycle path across the field from there!

Don't know anyone about schools there though, sorry.

Dinasaur · 08/08/2007 12:15

Trumpington does sound nice, and a cycle commute would be lovely, would be great to not be completely dependent on using the car every day.

OP posts:
pooka · 08/08/2007 12:23

Chasingsqirrels - do you know bottisham or lode? Though that's more north-east than north. My cousins are from lode and went to Bottisham village college. Lovely area to live IMO.

ChasingSquirrels · 08/08/2007 15:41

yeah, we are in S Prior, the ds's will be going to Bottisham (assuming we stay here) but not for a few years yet.

JodieG1 · 08/08/2007 15:50

We live in Cambourne and the school dd goes to is good. There's also a new primary school that's just been built which is also good. We're 9 miles (south) outside Cambridge but it's a very quick drive in and we're in the catchment area for one of the best secondary schools in the country (2nd best I think).

pooka · 08/08/2007 16:02

Lucky you CS. I hear the schools are great.

Gizmo · 08/08/2007 16:02

Sooooo. Primary schools. Cambridge.

Just been there and now have several of the t-shirts.

Whaddya want to know?
Gizmo · 08/08/2007 16:14

Right. Lots of good primary schools in Cambridge mean that the school population tends to wash around a bit, so it's often hard to predict which schools will be oversubscribed.

Is DS starting school or moving? If he's moving, then there are three larger schools that I know to be OK and where I guess you have a good chance of space coming up - St Matthews, (city centre) St Pauls (south of centre - closest to Addenbrookes) or St Lukes (north of city centre). I have friends with kids at St Lukes and St Pauls all of whom are very happy with the schooling there.

If DS is starting the other city centre school worth considering is Park Street. It is a small school and always oversubscribed, but its catchment includes a very mobile population (lots of academics) which means that if you put yourself on the waiting list, as long as you are only just out of catchment, you are very likely to get a place.

There's also the school in Trumpington and a couple of other schools on the south side of the city which I know less about, but I could find out if you think it would be helpful. TBH, with Cambridge, most of the schools are of a similar standard and you do need to visit to get a feel for them. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful...
Dinasaur · 09/08/2007 01:02

Thanks Gizmo, thats really helpful,and good to hear that the there are lots of good schools there. Timing is not great, as DS is due to start in reception in September, and I think by the time we have sorted out the whole move it will be at least December, so he would have to start late and then reception places may not come free. I'm geussing people are less likely to move in the middle of reception year.

Would be great if you did have any info on the other South schools, like Trumpington, Morley Memorial and Queen Edith? (have a feeling that due to costs we will end up a bit further out of the city). Will definitely start to visit the schools, once we are back in the UK in September that is!

JodieG1, is that Comberton Village College? have heard it is very good. I would prefer to be in cycling distance of the city/work, but dont have to be if turns out that really good place to live/schools with places are a bit further away.

OP posts:
JodieG1 · 09/08/2007 09:42

Yes Comberton, very good reputation. I do really like this village and with the new road link it's a 10 in drive into the city. Lots of buses too that go right in.

MrsWobble · 09/08/2007 09:46

I went to Queen Ediths more years ago than I care to remember. I think from what my parents say that Morley is now considered better and the preferred choice for people living in that part of Cambridge (but I have very happy memories of QE)

JodieG1 · 09/08/2007 09:46

Should be 10 min drive. We do a lot of cycling here and where we are (about a mile from school) we can walk or cycle. 3 nice parks, couple of lakes with ducks and swans, locely walks and a couple of small woods. There are a few estate agents, Morrisons, hairdressers, building society, pub, chip shop, indian restaurant all in the high street. Doctors and library in the same building, chemist and fantastic chinese about 2 miles away. It's a new village with more shops to let, 6-7 years old I think.

Dinasaur · 13/08/2007 01:36

Thanks for the replies everyone.
Am hearing alot of good things about Cambridge and surrounds, Comberton sounds lovely, so looking forward to our move and to visiting some of the schools there!

OP posts:
prufrock · 13/08/2007 02:08

We're in Shelford (well not atm - did I mention I was Mumsnetting fom Nevis ). Great village for addenbrookes - new cycle path makes it easily commutable, and you get all the benefits of village living. School is way oversubscribed though - 87 applications for 30 places for this years reception and even some in catchment (but out at edges near trumpington) didn't get places. Stapleford is next door - still easily commutable and bigger - 2 class intake. apparently v. good school, with new head starting this year after old one retired.

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