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Year two spelling list

4 replies

yorkiemom · 27/07/2007 08:29


I am sorry, but have just read the yr 3 spelling thread and thought how useful if I could get hold of the same list for year 2.
If anyone could help I would be most grateful.
Many thanks.

OP posts:
wheresthehamster · 27/07/2007 10:49

high frequency words

yorkiemom · 27/07/2007 11:23

thanks very much

OP posts:
rapunzelle · 02/08/2007 06:43

Talk to your school as many will no longer be using this list. The NLS has been revised and as many schools are now following a system of synthetic phonics teaching many of these words are obsolete (decodable using phonic knowledge) Our school has replaced them with a list of 'tricky words' high freqency words which do not 'work' phonetically.

Hope this helps

clutteredup · 02/08/2007 07:39

My DS's school uses Jolly Spelling, which is far from 'jolly' as it includes some ridiculously hard words. The guideline words seem a lot more sensible. Agree with rapunzelle, check with your school.

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