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what are PIPs tests and nfer tests?

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slalomsuki · 22/07/2007 16:07

ds1 has aparently sat these unbeknown to us at the end of year 1 and they have been sent away to be marked.

I haven't got a clue as to what they are and it was sprung on us parents the day before the end of term so we couldn't comment on them.

I have tried googling them but come up with a lot of stuff about how good they are but no real examples of what they are.

Help please

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cornsilk · 22/07/2007 16:15

Don't know about pips. I think nfer is probably an english test. Many schools have chn sit tests annually to measure progress.

muppetgirl · 22/07/2007 16:22

Nfer = tests have a look at their website

muppetgirl · 22/07/2007 16:27

Pips = 'progression in phonics' 15 mins a day program to teach/practise phonics.

Have a look at this article that explains the program.


LIZS · 22/07/2007 22:21

dc's school sit them and use them to monitpor progress and potential(vs. exam results later on). They are more about cognitive recognition than a strict test of actual learning so cover comprehension, reasoning and numeracy for example. For dd in year 1 they were held as a series of quizzes over the week, so very low key . The teacher read out the questions/text and they had multiple choice answers. hth

LIZS · 22/07/2007 22:23

sorry to disagree Muppetgirl but think op is referring to these

muppetgirl · 22/07/2007 22:47

Thanks LIZS, not heard of those before!

slalomsuki · 23/07/2007 16:30

Thanks for this

I was looking to see what sort of things they did since I had no idea how they would be assessed

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