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going to scout camp

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cylonbabe · 18/07/2007 10:15

ds1 wants to go to scout camp. he has only just turned ten. it seems to be very different from cub camp. can anyone reassure me please?
i have been too busy getting dh to let him go to the camp, that i havent really looked into it properly. dh wants ds to swot for 8 hours a day during the summer holidays for is 11+ entrance exam. needless to say, i completly disagree with this. and there have been my heated discussions about this. sort of so busy fighting enemey within that oblivious to enemy without sort of thing.

OP posts:
dmo · 18/07/2007 10:58

my son is in scouts
far more grown up than cubs
they tend to do far more camps, days out etc but my son loves scouts far more than cubs i think he likes the fact that the leaders in scouts are men

now as a women i perfer cubs as i get letters about whats going on etc scouts just get told and sometimes produce a letter but the camps are just the same as cubs and sometimes our scouts camp with the cubs (my other son is in cubs)

i agree with you your son should not be working hard in his holiday as a childminder we are always told that the best learning come through play

cylonbabe · 18/07/2007 11:47

thank you dmo.
yes, i have also been feeling a bit left out of the loop. as scouts finishes at 920 friday evening, dh has done a few of the pickups, and so i havent even been seeing the leasders, etc. i'm just worried about how well they will take care of him. or even if they will. he is ssooooo excited about going. but he is only ten. and a young ten as no older siblings.
i'm waffling arent i? thak you for your reassurance. i will stop tryign to be paranoid mom

OP posts:
dmo · 18/07/2007 12:12

thought they had to be 10 and half to go into scouts??
hope he enjoys the camp

dayofftomorrow · 18/07/2007 12:27

If they are like our scout leaders they will take very good care of him but will not mollycoddle him like sometimes happens at cub camp, he will do quite a lot for himself as he joins in with the other scouts.

In the long term he will thank you for letting him go and be independent and learn how to live with others. DS1 is now at uni and knows how to look after himself in a student house helped by his ten years in scouts

cylonbabe · 18/07/2007 12:29

yes, those are all reasons why i want him to go.
he is ten years and three months old.not been invested yet. they may do the investiture same day as centenary. but didnt want them to miss this oppurtunity.

OP posts:
mumblechum · 18/07/2007 12:30

I'm sure they'll take good care of them, but as others have said he'll have to be responsible for looking after himself a bit.

8 hours studying per day for 11 plus is a recipe for disaster.

My ds got through with no tutoring, but he did 1 paper a week in the summer hols, going up to 3 papers a week in the Sept took 11plus early Oct.

My dh had similar scatty idea about studying, but ds's teacher told him not to be an arse and he listened. Maybe you could get some back up from your ds's teacher?

dayofftomorrow · 18/07/2007 12:35

they do quite a lot of investing actually at the camp, and sometimes the leaders get their final warrants at the camp as it is the final bit of their training (they will have an extra registered leader on camp as well)

wait till he does a brass monkey camp (in february without tents as they make their own shelter

tell dh that the camp will help with exam as they have to do a lot of thinking for themselves, map reading, working out how much food needed to cook a meal, mixing with slightly older scouts

christywhisty · 18/07/2007 22:58

DS 11 has been to his first 2 scout camps recently and he was expected to be more independent than when he was at cubs. But it has done him so much good, he seems to have matured so much.

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