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Starting school.

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TrinaJ · 28/06/2007 18:35

My dd starts school in sept. She seems quite confident and eager to go, but after her first visit she turned round to my husband and said - daddy I DID like it, no-one called me a baby!
I was completely shocked by this as I have no idea where this thought process has come from!?
Anyone had anything similar / can relate?

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Smithagain · 28/06/2007 19:06

Not quite the same, but when DD1 started school, she suddenly developed a complex about "everyone" being older than her. I realised she had spent a year listening to lots of well-meaning friends and relatives commenting on how young she seemed to be going to school. It was a revelation to her when I told her the scary "big" children were all the same age as her.

Maybe your DD has heard similar conversations and was glad to discover that the school believes she has a perfect right to be there!

TrinaJ · 28/06/2007 20:00

Someone mentionned to me when discussing this, how we often refer to school as BIG school, and this may be putting ideas of - as you say everyone being bigger than her, and that's got to be an intimidating thought for a 4 year old!

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