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4+ prep Assessment....?

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shalom · 23/06/2007 08:49

My DS is going to sit for a 4+ assessment for a prep school. Has anyones child done one of these and what do they look for. Can they really assess a child at such a young age. What if the child is not feeling in a good mood on that particular day?

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DominiConnor · 29/06/2007 08:25

I've seen the A level, and programming is almost invisible. The kids are taught to "use computers as a tool", because the arts grads don't want to create a process where kids understand computers, because that's "geeky".
We see the same with other sciences.

Understanding being replaced by application, because it's easier to teach, and because the decision makers don't value understanding, but prefer the imparting of rote learning.

hydrophobia · 29/06/2007 08:39

My DD is doing the A level (computing not IT which is a load of junk) and it looks like decent programming to me

Quattrocento · 29/06/2007 08:42

Hi Shalom - have not read whole thread - mine both did the assessment.

Mostly the assessors are quite practised at sorting out what they are looking for. It is a far more accurate process than I would have believed.

They do stuff with them, cutting out exercises, talking, shapes etc watching them play to see the developmental stages that they are at.

The stuff they do is mostly mood-proof, I think. Don't worry.

shalom · 29/06/2007 20:12

Thanks Quatt. was yors at Forest as well and did they both pass?

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RussellWilliams · 10/08/2018 13:19

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Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Grasslands · 10/08/2018 14:41

Zombie thread over 10 years old...

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