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Help! Just found ideal job ad for dh as ICT coordinator in primary school. Need ideas for his application on how to use IT with littlies - must submit application in 12 hours!!!

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bloss · 14/06/2007 12:26

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lorisparkle · 14/06/2007 14:07

Using digital photographs and video is great for children - they can take their own photographs and then they can be used to make books either on screen using packages such as powerpoint or printed off. They can be on trips, visitors, topic work, role play.

Getting ICT into role play is good too e.g. computers in the pretend travel agents

The interactive whiteboard is an amazing tool - there are loads of websites with ideas for using these

Have a look at the TES website - the staffroom is a good forum for those involved in schools

I've been our of teaching for a year now and my mind has gone blank - sorry

Good luck to your DH!

AttilaTheMum · 14/06/2007 14:45

The big thing at the moment is learning platforms & especially e-portfolios - basically web based pages/folders for the childen to upload their work, create their own home page - it's very similar to myspace/facebook, but it really needs to be in a secure environment. Our school has a learning platform from Uniservity (this is a demo page which explains some of it.) All schools will have to have some kind of learning platform by (I think) 2008, & a lot of teachers don't know much about it so it's a good thing to be in the know about.

ratfly · 14/06/2007 15:57

Using the internet to research things - I always look up random things with the kids and it really reinforces their learning - Roman Gladiators, the seaside, Victorians, Minibeasts.

Publishing literacy as posters / letters etc.

Is dh a teacher? As I'm sure ict co-ordinators are also teachers (I am ICT co-ordinator in my school, and I'm a classroom teacher)

frances5 · 14/06/2007 16:39

Is your Dh a teacher or would he be maintaining the network?

There are various areas that are important for schools. For example virtual learning enviromnents like moddle. Moodle makes it easier for schools and parents to share data. In the future if your kid has lost his homework sheet then Mum will be able to download another copy.

There is a lot of ICT in modern schools. interactive whiteboards are extremely common, but many teachers just use them as glorified protectors. Its a matter of getting good software to make lessons more interactive. Many teachers don't know how best to use their whiteboards.

Assessment for learning is a big isssue in primary schools. There is online software like SAM learning that tests children's knowledge through games. It can be quite sophiscated some of the things it can do, but it takes quite a bit of setting up. For example teacher could give a test to class. The teacher can then see if a the whole class doesnt know a particular topic or if its just one or two children who don't understand.

There is a lot of tracking of data and software is used to predict children's SATs results. The software can pick up if children are not on target and if there might be potential SEN.

Your husband could set up a web trail to guide children to particular educational website.

Assessment for learning is a big area in schools. For example many schools use SAM learning to test children's knowledge without them realising it. They think its fun.

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