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LIZ!!!!! about the SIS

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SSSandy2 · 24/05/2007 08:44

I think you said once that your brother teaches at SIS. Is that right? Dd is really not happy at her school, unfortunately, although everyone has always told me what a great school it is supposed to be and I'm considering changing and applying to SIS.

I've been reading their website and I'm going there this afternoon to find out about the application process, but I was just wondering how it might work out (if they accepted her) with dd moving into year 2 there.

Any thoughts/comments you have about the school or moving into bilingualism from the German system would be really welcome! I'm also looking at this school but no NOTHING about it other than what is on the web:

{url<a class="break-all" href="\ScheleGrundschule}" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">\ScheleGrundschule}

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SSSandy2 · 24/05/2007 08:49

actually I think this should be in "living overseas" but I didn't think you'd find it there!

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LIZS · 24/05/2007 09:15

Sorry it isn't me with any experience of there, we were in Switzerland not Germany

SSSandy2 · 24/05/2007 09:17

Oh sorry LIZS! And I forgot your "S"

I think then maybe it was frogs I was thinking of.

And I wrote such an unintelligle long garbly post too!

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SSSandy2 · 24/05/2007 09:18

not to mention the tipos
can you tell I'm nervous this morning!

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LIZS · 24/05/2007 09:24

fwiw if you think she (and you) will feel more comfortable changing then it would be worth it. I've seen several children struggle with the local Swiss system and life is too short.

SSSandy2 · 24/05/2007 09:32

What I worry about is whether she will be happier in a different German school which is the bilingual one I'm considering. They have an English speaking teacher and a German speaking teacher in the class and it would save me having to teach her to read and write in English at home after school which is what I do now. I think she might feel more comfortable there because there will be more dc in similar situations to us - about 50% English 50% German speakers in the class. Dunno if it would be better for her or if I should take her right out of the German school system.

The school is about the same distance from our home as her current school. There is a private British school which is quite a distance for us to travel to and it is quite expensive. That's the only other option I know of at present and of course there we could rely on getting accepted I think.

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