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Mixed Year Classes at Infant School

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3LittleMonkeys · 22/05/2007 20:57

Hi has anyone had experiance of mixed year groups and specifically how they were split? Also, if split between yr 1 & reception how does the teacher handle the two different levels ie yr 1 has already done their phonics but reception children will not have.

OP posts:
SparklePrincess · 22/05/2007 21:28

My dds are both in mixed age classes. They dont have mixed reception/yr 1, at their school (except one SEN boy) but they do have year2/3 (so infants & juniors in the same class) It all seems to work out ok work wise, but the small year groups have proved a huge problem for them socially as they have so few people to choose from as suitable friends.

lizyjane · 23/05/2007 08:09

Mixed Y1 and Reception is a difficult mix which my school tries to avoid if possible due to having to plan for two different curriculums. It has been necessary in the past however, and we managed by making sure there was support (at least one other full time TA) and planning carefully and effectively so that all needs are catered for. In any class throughout primary, even a straight year group, there is a range of abilities which makes it necessary to provide very differentiated work. Mixed classes are just an extension of this, iyswim.

Hope this is helpful.

throckenholt · 23/05/2007 08:20

my ds is in a mixed year group - last year it was reception, years 1 and 2 (very small school - total class size was about 25). This year they have more kids and have split off year 2 - so he is now in a class of year 1 and reception - total numbers about 18-20.

It hasn't seemed a problem to have mixed years - but they do have good support in addition to the teacher - with at least 1 TA and one or two one-to-one support workers for specific children.

Blueblob · 23/05/2007 10:00

My son goes to a school with mixed year groups. There is a mixed reception and year one class, then a year two with some year one class.

The exact mix depends on intake and where they think the child will fit in best. In our area children don't start reception until the term before they turn 5. So there aren't just 4 year olds in the same class as lots of nearly 6.

I really like the way it's organized.

3LittleMonkeys · 23/05/2007 16:42

Thank you to all for your replies, it seems that with careful planning and a full time TA that this can be sucessful. Would you say that in your experience less than a full time TA would make teaching a mixed class would be difficult and would have a negative impact on the children?

OP posts:
fryalot · 23/05/2007 16:44

at dd1's old primary school (she is now at high school) there was a nursery, then a key stage 1 group, and a key stage 2 group.

It worked really really well and the school has a fab reputation for being academically sound.

haggisaggis · 23/05/2007 16:51

Our local primary has mixed classes - p1 - p3 in one class and p4 - p7 in eth other.
It works fine - the TA is part time only.

Remember that teachers tend to teach in ability groups anyway. Therefore, the teacher will give an introductory lesson to teh whole class - and the children will split into 3 distinct groups each doing their specific task.

Incidentally, I have had no issue with the social aspect either - all ages have been taught to mix together so ds has friends in all year groups.

lizyjane · 23/05/2007 19:04

I think that most mixed classes can be successfully taught without a TA. The exception would be a R/Y1 class. IMO you really need help in these classes in order to manage the balance between these age groups.

noonar · 28/05/2007 20:52

i'm reading this thread with interest. we have considered sending dd1 to a school with mixed age classes.

i teach year 5 myself, so i apprecate that there is a huge range WITHIN any year group, as far as ability goes. however, how do you deliver the foundation stage AND key stage 1 curriculum all at once? this is a major concern for me.

lou33 · 28/05/2007 20:54

the local infants here do mixed year classes and its worked v well

i've had 3 of them go through it (1 still is) and have no worries about it at all

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