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has anybodys dc been put back a year in school?

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dmo · 09/05/2007 14:06

my ds is 9 (10 in aug)
he is a very sociable child but does not have a friend as such he will just play with anybody
in yr3 he had an assesment to say he has dyslexia but nothing has been done about it in school as yet (he is yr5 now)
in september he will be in yr6 but in class at the moment he is on yr3-4 maths and yr 4 english
i have spoken to his class teacher this afternoon and she agrees it would do him the world of good to stay behind a yr and has set up a meeting with the headmaster, herself and me for next wednesday afternoon

at the moment as his school is so small there are yr 4 and 5 in one class so in september the whole class wont be moving up as such just half of them

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RoundTheBend · 09/05/2007 21:51

I am just worried how this will effect his self-esteem. Have the school not considered a Statement of special needs for him? This way he could get some extra help with his education. His education is a right and as such he is entitled to extra help if he is struggling.

LIZS · 09/05/2007 22:04

I'd be wary as to how it may affect him longterm ie. if he still has to move up to secondary school with his peer group, when to take SATS . Also in sports he may not be eligible for the teams of his year group if delayed. I doubt they can do this officially without any formal SEN support in place.

amicissima · 09/05/2007 22:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dmo · 10/05/2007 21:20

thanks will check with LEA after my chat with the headmaster

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CarGirl · 10/05/2007 21:24

Surrey doesn't allow this at all, I know someone who succeeded on their third appeal for a child who was at a special needs school and they only won because the angle they came from was her missing her first 2 years of education as she was not living in this country!

dmo · 10/05/2007 22:21

i will keep you updated
talked to SIL tonight (she is head gov at our school) she thinks its a good idea to keep him behind a year (she is also a yr6 teacher) she has give me tip on what to say if its not going in my favor

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