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Meed letter from parish to say we attend church

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dinny · 08/05/2007 21:17

But we have only just got arses in gear and started going regularly again since we moved areas (a year ago!) - any ideas how long we should leave it till we ask priest for ref? Six months or longer?

OP posts:
tortoiseSHELL · 08/05/2007 21:48

When do you need it by? Speak to the vicar over coffee after the service, and ask what the procedure is.

GooseyLoosey · 08/05/2007 21:49

Can you ask other parents at the church what they did/do?

PedroPony · 08/05/2007 21:50

my dad once refused someone

MummyPenguin · 08/05/2007 22:37

Our priest won't consider this until you've been going regularly (preferably fortnightly or weekly) for six months at least.

MrsWho · 08/05/2007 22:38

did you go regularly before? if you did, the priest may be more likely to referee you as its more obvious you have been busy moving/finding church etc rather than actually interested in church school rather than church

Hathor · 08/05/2007 22:52

Oh the hypocrisy of the modern age. Why should people have to be seen to be worshipping in order to procure a school place for their children?

1dilemma · 08/05/2007 22:55

When do you need it for? If you don't need it for months then I would ask when you do rather than mention it now especially if you've just restarted.

loobylooby · 08/05/2007 23:03

Would the priest from your former parish give you a letter to confirm that you were regular churchgoers before and that it is not just a new habit aimed at getting your child into a church school? If so, you could try giving this to the priest in your new parish as evidence of your longstanding faith.

dinny · 09/05/2007 13:26

need it for sept 2009 entry, so that'd be about when in 2008...?

we have moved about quite a bit so don't have long history with any particluar parish (execpt where I am from orig, which I suppose is an option)

OP posts:
1dilemma · 09/05/2007 21:15

so if youngo to church now and get the letter when you need it would be fine for a lot of areas, have you checked with the school to see whether you need a certain amount of church attendance to get in?

dinny · 10/05/2007 12:17

no amount of church attendence - just a letter saying we go to church.

am thinking I may just send registartion forms registering our interest to school and put "parish letter to follow" - then ask for it when we know the vicar a bit better.

OP posts:
dinny · 10/05/2007 12:18

ALTHOUGH - my dad told me yesterday he know the chairman of the parochial council (in new school's area) really well and will have a word with him... could it really just come down to who you know?

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