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peanut29 · 08/05/2007 14:42

I have just found out that my DS has not got into my two preffered schools but has got into our 3rd choice (a v.good school). My problem is that every single child in DS nursery class has got into one or other of my preffered schools and DS is the only one going to number 3. Also, every other child will start in September but DS will have to start after easter (1st May!) as this school still does three intakes a year. I have found out from LEA that I am 10th & 14th on waiting lists for preffered schools, so I don't hold any hope of getting in by Sept. I don't know whether I should appeal (although don't have any grounds as class size is at max level and others live closer to the school, even though I only live 3 little streets away!)or should I just stay on the waiting lists as I have untill 1st May for something to come up? Should I just be grateful that he got into a good school at all? I am so confused and am going out of my mind with worry. I can't think of anything else!!! Also, I am in the priority admission area (HA HA!) for the first two schools but am out of catchment for no 3, so may have problem when DD goes to school as she will be an 'out of catchment sibling'. ARGH!!!!!!! Has anyone else had this prob?? Am I alone? Can't take any more! x

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Smurfs · 08/05/2007 21:40

peanut29....a novice at this I am afraid....although learning quickly! DS has not got into any of our chosen schools so about to embark on the winding road that is the appeal process. Can't really offer any advice but no you are not alone there are a lot of us out there in that boat...if that is any comfort!

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