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need to cook with five 5 year old's HELP

19 replies

mysonsmummy · 18/04/2007 22:36

have to cook with ds reception class for 1 hour tomorrow havent a clue what to do - any ideas please. have previously done fruit kebabs and smoothies with them. thanks

OP posts:
collision · 18/04/2007 22:39

Buy some pizza bases and decorate with ingredients.


collision · 18/04/2007 22:40

Chocolate crispy cakes?

collision · 18/04/2007 22:40

cheese straws?

SherlockLGJ · 18/04/2007 22:40

Toad in the hole ?

colditz · 18/04/2007 22:41

Pigs in blankets

(sausages, wrapped in bread, and baked in the oven)

pasta salad

tortoiseSHELL · 18/04/2007 22:42

Oat biscuits? Fairy cakes? Gingerbread men?

NKffffffffee0f7f95X1118efd8f2d · 18/04/2007 22:43


somersetmum · 18/04/2007 22:43

There are loads of ideas and recipes at Big Cook, Little Cook

collision · 18/04/2007 22:44

who are you NKfffffffffffffffffffff??????

Only prob with a name like that is no one can pronounce it!!

jennifersofia · 18/04/2007 22:54

fairy cakes, and then decorate
oatmeal and raisin bicuits
cheese straws (can be done with roll out puff pastry and cheese grated on top)

melpomene · 18/04/2007 22:59

rock cakes
cheese straws

mysonsmummy · 19/04/2007 00:45

has anyone got a really easy recipe for apple muffins - for 26 kids thanks

OP posts:
TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 19/04/2007 00:55

I'll second gingerbread men.
Or smarties cookies.

mysonsmummy · 19/04/2007 07:55

not sure the teacher will like smartie cookie. do i need cut outs for gingerbread men. just need a simple recipe anyone please.
(1 hour to go)

OP posts:
Dabbles · 19/04/2007 08:03

what about train cakes?

Get some moring coffee (rectangel)biscuits dip in milk place 4 in row, cover in layer of melted chocolate, repeat until train shaped. cover outside in chocolate. thats it really, needs chilling for a while once done, u could get kids to decorate with buttons, marshmallows or smarties afterwards...

Dabbles · 19/04/2007 08:04

healthier option is apple crumble.

dice apple, sprinkle sugar. get kids to make crumble ,using cubed butter, flour and suager, let them crumble with fingers, slinkle liberally on top, and n the over for half an hour!

mysonsmummy · 19/04/2007 08:05

thanks - the teacher likes to have 26 things for the kids to take home - i promise i am not being ungrateful for ideas. i really would like to do apple muffins - where can find a simple recipe. thanks

OP posts:
goingfor3 · 19/04/2007 08:08


mysonsmummy · 19/04/2007 08:20

i am sorted thanks so much

OP posts:
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