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New teacher for last term of reception..

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mankyscotslass · 04/04/2007 10:45

I am a bit unsettled for my son. I knew that teachers leaving/moving happened a lot but never expected it so soon. The kids are babies in reception really, and need continuity been told when they return after easter will have a new teacher. Their own teacher is moving to y2, as that teacher has left. Now i am sure this is cos they have SATs and req stability too...but my heart is breaking for my baby who loved his teacher. Is it really that common these days???? A term is not much for a teacher to base their reports on or advise his yr1 teacher on strengths/weaknesses or character given it's a class of 30..or am i making a mountain out of a molehill? Some of the kids are really upset (thnakfully mine is ok).

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Pixiefish · 04/04/2007 10:47

It happens. Staff move on to bigger and better things unfortunately.

All kids build up a rapport with their teachers but I'm sure that he'll like the new one just as much after a few days

WriggleJiggle · 04/04/2007 10:51

Perhaps the new teacher will be moving up with them when they go into yr 1?

mankyscotslass · 04/04/2007 10:56

That's what i thought too, but they seem to keep the teachers to set years at this school, and move the children up....Oh well, hopefully he will like her, but it's really the practicalities that have me concerned i think....knowing the child n stuff like that....and then he will go though it all again with a new teacher in September....oh god i am so soft about him!! Time to tough up and resign myself to this being the way the system is.....
How pathetic am I about my pfb!!

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Pixiefish · 04/04/2007 10:58

She will get to know the kids quickly you know. She will be with them all day every day and will probably have had some input from the existing teacher

christywhisty · 04/04/2007 10:58

This happened to my daughter, unfortunately her teacher was diagnosed with cancer and had to take time off (she is ok now)

This worked out really well for my daughter as for some reason they didn't click, and she got on really well with the next teacher.

mankyscotslass · 04/04/2007 11:03

Thanks pixie.....will have to wait and see what happens...he is a pretty easy going boy, just accepts things so i am lucky.....half the girls in reception and some of the boys were hysterical on Friday at the thought of different teacher. I should be grateful it's not him, and learn to manage myself a bit better.....what am i like!!

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MrsWho · 04/04/2007 21:19

dds school regularly have ams/pms with different teachers (head/deputy and some supply as well as having 2 teachers in the class) and dd2 is particularly obsessive about routine yet has adapted to this much better than she would at home.Although she comes home and says Miss R was there today and she shouldn't be as she works XYZ!

Merlin · 04/04/2007 21:25

This happened to my DS1 too - teacher was poorly due to pregnancy.

New teacher was lovely and seemed to bond with kids really quick. As far as the reports go his original teacher helped with those from her hospital bed bless her!!!

mankyscotslass · 05/04/2007 08:29

Feeling a bit better about it thanks! DH thinks i obsess about school, and he is probably right. Cant bear to think what i will be like when all 3 little mankies are in school!!

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MrsWho · 06/04/2007 12:41

Its Ok I obsess about dd2s swimming lessons

fannyannie · 06/04/2007 12:45

DS1 had this last year in Reception - and again in Yr1 this year.

Mind you his teachers weren't leaving per se - rather going off on Maternity leave! Considering there are only 6 classes at DS1's school (2 in each year) - between them the teachers have managed/are managing (ie due soon) to produce 3 babies in the space of 18 months LOL.

mankyscotslass · 11/05/2007 10:43

Just a quick update. The new teacher is lovely, and yesterday came up to me in the playground to say that he had just done 35 new words for her so he had skipped a stage as she did not want to give him words he already knew. And there was a lovely note in his planner! I had been trying to tell his last teacher he already knew loads of the words he was being given and was getting bored, but it never registered. So I am really chuffed, and I think that it's been a good thing, after all that angst! Dh is wandering around saying "told you not to get your knickers in a knot"!!!

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